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10 facts about Wilfred Owen !

No description

lucy simkins

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of 10 facts about Wilfred Owen !

10 facts about Wilfred Owen !
when did wilfred die ?
Wilfred Owen was killed in action just days before the end of world war 1.
the bells of shewsbury abbey where ringing to celebrate the end of WW1 when his parents revived the telegram saying Wilfred had died on the 04-11-1918
what did he write?
dulce et decorum est
amtem for doomed youth
the parable of the old man and the young
who was Wilfred Owen
wilfred owen was a english war poet and a soilder.
did wilfred have any brothers or sisters?
yes he was the oldest of 4 children.
he had 2 brothers Harold and colin and 1 sister called mary.
how long was wilfred alive?
wilfred was born on the 18-03-1893
and he died on 04-11-1918 so he was alive for 25 years.
did he agree with war? why?
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