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Explore the CSHD

No description

Heather Bartoszek

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Explore the CSHD

Now Hiring: CSHD!

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CSHD is under the .COM division of Staples NAC.
Think you know what the CSHD is all about? We'd like to invite you to take a much closer look at our team...

Think CSHD is just about taking supervisor calls?
• CSHD offers support to our contact center, cyber, and our retail store associates by answering questions about processes, procedures, systems, as well as investigating and resolving complex issues. We help associates by teaching them what resources and tools to use and provide feedback for coaching.
• We partner with the training department, different levels of management, as well as our peers in the call centers and in retail to solve current issues and prevent future ones.

What about the hours?
CSHD is open M-F 8am-11pm est, Sat 9-9 est and Sunday 930-8 est. We need to make sure we have coverage during busier days and times and we’re flexible and creative with our schedules and of course, W@H once you are up to speed.

Even though we are primarily an in-bound
group, we do have some offline work that
comes to us as Service Now Tickets from
stores, KANA E-mail, Merchandising
Tickets, Gift Card Issues, Price Match
Logs, Urgent Logs, and Chat support
for Infosys.
We are managed under the same umbrella as SBG and Office of the President.
Supervisor calls are only a small part of our day. Let's
take a closer look at the different call types and volume for about the last 6 months.
• Are you someone that your team often reaches out to for help?
• Have you floor walked and answered questions in the past?
• Are you ready to learn something new and expand your knowledge of the business?
• Ready to take the next step in your career and gain invaluable experience in coaching, teaching, tracking, trending, resolving conflict, research and investigation?
10 %
COM Question 26%
COM Retail
COM Retail Returns 30%

Escalated calls in which a customer has requested to speak to a manager.
Call center questions about stock, deliveries, policy/procedures, and adjustments in COM.
Store questions about stock, deliveries, and policy/procedure.
Customer Service or Store associates need funds to be transferred and a replacement order placed.
Assisting stores with processing customer returns and exchanges
The team is made up of associates with diverse backgrounds and previous experience in several different business units such as retail, SBG, Ops Support, and Customer Service.
That's a little bit about who we are,
but what does the CSHD do?
As you can see, we are primarily a Help Desk
The CSHD is currently housed in the Halifax, Kentucky, and Regina Call Centers.
We also collaborate with different business partners to help identify trends, issues, and provide insight on what drives volume.
The majority of our volume comes
from retail such as
processing store returns
Order and stock inquiries
and prepaid
which makes working in the CSHD a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience with a different aspect of the business
as well as new tools and resources.
Think you might be interested in the CSHD?
Then partner
with your team manager to discuss your career goals and how CSHD fits into them.
Have them arrange
for time to come
and shadow CSHD.
We'd love to have you on our team!
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