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Helix Strategic Design

No description

Dan Baits

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Helix Strategic Design

Create a Best Practices for Student Empowerment Handbook to develop consistency between GLTs, CLTs, ASPIRE, clubs athletics and other programs. Priority Actions Group Members Priority Actions
3.1 - Create a shared understanding of rigorous academic instruction and curriculum that integrates the Common Core State Standards. 6. Community Integration Develop and sustain a supportive environment that promotes citizenship and a healthy lifestyle.
Expand opportunities for student learning. Group Members Helix Strategic Design Seven Core Strategies 1. Expanded School
2. Safe and Supportive Environment
3. Academic Rigor
4. Marketing "That School"
5. 21st Century Technology
6. Community Integration
7. Fiscal Sustainability 1.1 Create a plan with Grossmont/Cuyamaca to pilot concurrent enrollment/credit up to grade 14.

1.2 Develop pilots in 4 core subjects using flipped Classroom, On-line, blended learning, etc. Priority Actions Mike Lewis, Debi Byrd,
Scott Parr, Kate Diaz,
Leslie Hays, Jim Carrol
Christina Potter, Chris Dartland
Julie Weber, Cheryl Tyler
Cindi Harris What it means to you --Pilot a dual-credit class.
--Teach a flipped/online/blended pilot.
--Support those who innovate. 3.1a.
Implement Instructional Rounds strategy to develop a common understanding of effective instruction. 3.1b Create a task force to review how our policies/procedures affect student learning and recommend revised/new policies to administration. 3.1c Provide CCSS training/curriculum development for CLTs.
3.1d. Promote cross-curricular alignment around CCSS). Lenelle Wylie, Todd Weber
Kirsten Schmidt, Tina Colera,
Rachel Bunch, Richard Sutton,
Dawna Lomprey, Christine Passmore,
Dave Hillberg, Sean Morris,
Johhn Vanderpot, Dan Baits, Group Members How this affects you -- Participate in Instructional Rounds.
-- Serve on the policy task force.
-- Participate in CC training.
-- Align curriculum to CC.
-- Work in cross-curricular team.

Create and promote a positive public image for Helix Charter. Examine current practices and policies, and create a plan to address the deficiencies in information access within Helix community that promote the school and its programs. Group Members Damon Chase, Jeff Kepper,
Amy Rundle, Jennifer Osborn
Alicia Gibson, Michael Benge
Arica Villegas, Jenny Leiser
Rosie Cech, Kylee Heath How You Might be Involved How it will affect you Use the handbook to help develop leadership and social skills in athletes, musicians, club members, and all students. What it might mean for you Create a high performing academic culture. 4. Marketing “That School” Priority Action
modernize and systematically integrate technology into the Helix culture. Priority Actions Research, identify and implement a school-wide learning management system (LMS) i.e. Blackboard, Haiku, ACTIVATE Instruction, etc. (linked to 1.3) Group Members Sara Allsup
Leanna Block
Dianne Damschen
Mike Ewing
Matt Guarnotta
Will Jacoway
Alison Lechleiter
Todd Lewis
Brett McKinney
Jennifer Stitt
Will Stuart How you can participate Build community partnerships that establish Helix as the community center. Priority Actions Create a plan for and provide 5 community-based events to build and enhance our alumni and community partnerships. Group Members Elena Smith, Danika Markey, Beth Leighton, Nancy Prescott Yuchiao Wu-Walden, Katie Bycsek,
Adam Krzywicki, Theresa Toilolo How you can participate 7. Fiscal Sustainability Create and sustain a long-term funding plan that increases our
financial independence. Priority Actions Create a plan to improve and increase staff and community involvement in our tour and breakfast. Goal: 10 staff involved as organizers, 20 staff involved as table captains; 25 tables of 10. Group Members Kevin Osborn, Anita Weems
Jeff Babbitt, Amanda Dolphin Adam Krzywicki, Renee Milburn Mike Ried How you can participate Helix Strategic Design

Better by Design

Be Involved

Have a Great Summer! 2. Safe and Supportive Environment: Expanded School Paula Ann Trevino, Peggy Crabtree,
Julie Damschen, Teresa Rutherford,
Barbara Dagman, Kris Irving, Danielle Yee
Colleen Robinson, Jennifer Underwood 3. Academic Rigor Participate in a survey in the Fall
Help determine what current practices are working
Determine deficiencies in "marketing" and information sharing Join our committee to review, investigate and select an LMS

Offer feedback on your expectations of an LMS Actions Actions Actions 5. 21st Century Technology Recruit parents and community members to attend Tour or Breakfast
Volunteer to present at Tour or Breakfast
Volunteer to help organize the Tour or Breakfast • --Submit ideas for events
• --Facilitate/host an event
• --Attend an event
• --Encourage parents and students to attend (advertise!)
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