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Anousha Al-Masud

on 8 February 2012

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5 ICONIC ITEMS FROM THE 21st CENTURY What We've Chosen: Facebook
Lady Gaga
Harry Potter Do you have Facebook? It was summer 2006, a little over two years that Mark Zukerberg had created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room as a way for him and his friends to better connect with schoolmates.
In the intervening years, he'd raised $37.7 million from venture capitalists and transformed his modest Web site into a certified social phenomenon.
By mid-2006, about 7 million users, most of them college students, had a Facebook account.
Zuckerberg decided he wanted it to be more than just a campus thing. He wanted it to be the next google, a site that all ages would find useful in their daily lives. Big named companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo! were beginning to take a closer look at Facebook. Investors were interested.
It was starting to look like Facebook had peaked. Whatever ultimately becomes of Facebook, Zuckerberg has already had an impact. A year ago, the Valley wondered if this cocky youngster had turned down his only shot at $1 billion. Now it's wondering if he has defined the future of the Internet. More than 500 million active users

. 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day Average user has 130 friends
on Facebook People spend over 700 billion minutes per month Facebook's success then tunred itself to the bigscreens, creating the plot line for David Fincher's award winning film "The Social Netowrk" Mark Zukerberg, an awkward Harvard student is played by Jesse Eiesenberg. David Fincher's "The Social Network" is based totally on Zuckerberg's success and the creation of Facebook. The film captures Zuckerberg's reality experiencing becoming the world's youngest billionaire as well as throwing in some extra material. Oh yes, and in features Justin Timberlake. "The Social Network" was nominated 8 accademy awards, walking away with 3 in result. Our verdict: A MUST WATCH! "You can't have 5million freinds without making a few enimies" The Social Network
12A Here is a trailer of the hugely succesful film based on Facebook's major succes.. LADY GAGA HARRY POTTER Before the milennium, you were lucky to own a computer or mobile but today, half of British people aged 5-9 own a mobile phone. Apple created one of the major mobiles used today. The iPhone. The iphone became a huge buzz around 2008. It has become an everyday neccesity for most of us. The iphone is shown in well known television programmes and to this day is one of the most popular phones on the market. Apple began to put itself out into the market with its famous mp3/4 players a.k.a iPods and its famous music dowloader - iTunes. Before iPods came out, people would walk around with considerably big walkmans. So this was a big change. Itunes is an award winning aplication that almost everyone has, and apple has made a fortune put of it. Apple have also had huge succes with their laptops and tablets. For instance the MacBook Air and the iPad have been a very popular throuought the world. The way we think about music perfomances have changed dramatically due to Gaga's pereocative style and controversial songs. Gaga is widely recognised by her kooky personna and unique fashion sense. Gaga was first welcomedinto the music industry in 2009 with her first hit single, "Just Dance". She has won a whopping 92 awards, and has recieved 200 nominations since 2009; including the Grammy award for best dance recording in 2009,
song of the year
record of the year
album of the year(with her first album THE FAME)
Grammy Award for Best Pop Collabration with Vocals for her chart topping single, "Telephone" featuring Beyonce. Blazers are both practical and fashion friendly, with their classy style almost anyone can pull them off. The different blazers that have made their ways into fashion trends these past years are all unique. Most blazers can be worn to all sorts of occasions. This fashion phenomenon has hit all age groups. You'll find youngsters wearing blazers all the way to our grandparents, who practically invented blazers. Blazers are worn by stars everywhere, which brings them into high street fashion. ''Gossip Girl'' shows posher girls who go to the best universities wearing blazers almost all the time. Blazers have almost become everyday necessities for most of us. What do we grab if we need to nip out but still don't want to spoil our outfits with a hideous trench coat? Its a perfect way to formalize or jazz up any outfit. Our favorite blazer. Everyone has one! BLAZERS Apple's products have kept our generation on our toes, forever wondering what they'll come up with next. Although, Apple's products such as the iPhone4 have been a big step in our world of communication. It has turned video calling into a reality as shown in the next clip. Its shown us what we would have missed and what we can now cherish. This is introducing a fairly nrecent idea; Facetime on the iPhone4 Well, maybe “big” isn’t the word to use, maybe “hot”? You know what I mean: whenever Apple has a media day, everyone loses their minds, even if the event isn’t really all that special. Right now, I suppose, when you think of phones you think of the iPhone. When you think of tablets, you think of the iPad. (In fact, you probably don’t even think of tablets to begin with, but think of the iPad, then realize that the iPad is a tablet.) Thirty years after it was founded on 1 April 1976, Apple Computer has grown from a tiny start-up to a household name and cultural icon. APPLE How to wear a Blazer Is a series by j.K Rowlwing about a wizarding school. Most of your older brothers or sisters will have grown up with this series. Always anticipating what will come next, waiting to see what harry, Ron and Hermoine will conquer next. The movies have a huge success and have created a much greater fan base, with the last movie in the series coming out soon. The films do J.KRowlings exceptional series of fantasy great justice and everyone gets full immersed in them. We all need some sorcery in our lives! After the success of the films and books, Universal and Warner Brothers announced they would create "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" theme park at Universal Orlando in Florida. A soft opening was held at the end of March 2010, with the park opening again on 16 June 2010 for reserved guests. The park was officially opened to the public on 18 June 2010 Lady gaga, has a unique sense of style that has been copied and adapted throughout the years globally ,by pop stars ,actors and just general people in everyday lives. She has created outfits out of meat 14th September 2004 when she wasat an awards evening. She has taken the beehive hairstyle to a whole different leve.. literally
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