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Creating a vacation!

No description

elianna filiputti

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Creating a vacation!

You are going to go to....

-Paridise Island, Bahamas
-Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
-Mar Del Plata, Argentina First you will go to Paridise Island where you will need some bahamian dollars wich eaqual the same amount as an american dollar! you will go in the summer the best time of the year to go to these places. in Cabo you will go on a cabo escape whale waching, you will go to a beautiful beach called santa maria beach, and go on a boat tour called lands end exploration. After you go to Cabo you are going to go to Mar Del Plata, Argentina. You also wi need pesos too. you will go sightseeing in buenos aries, go to El Parasiso zoo, and go to an aquarium in Mar Del Plata. One of Paridise Islands beautiful beaches! By: Elianna Filiputti You can do so much things there. You will go to the Parliment Square, take a carriage tour, and go snorkiling! you should try
Carbonada Criolla, and some Empanadas. Next you will be going to
Cabo San Lucas, mexico you will need pesos which equal 0.08 of american dollars. You should try these favriot food they eat.....
Guava Duff, Crab & Rice, and Jhonny Cakes Latin america Vacation
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