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Facilitating a Drug or Underage Alcohol House Party

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Kelsey Godin

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Facilitating a Drug or Underage Alcohol House Party

Facilitating a Drug or Underage Alcohol House Party
Section 644:18
A person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor if such person owns or has control of the occupied structure, dwelling, or curtilage, where a drug or underage alcohol house party is held...
while knowing persons under the age of 21 possess or intend to consume alcoholic beverages or use controlled drugs at such drug or underage alcohol house party.
Members of a UW-Madison fraternity faced more than $94,000 in fines after police busted a Halloween party at their house.
Police gave citations to 11 fraternity members for the Oct. 28 party, where fire inspectors counted more than 600 people in a house that has a capacity of 99.
The hosts face fines of more than $8,000 apiece for 266 violations, most for illegally running a tavern and serving underage drinkers.
Those who attended the party drained more than 110 bottles of vodka and rum (about 50 gallons) and 1,650 cans of beer (about 70 cases) by 10:30 p.m. Some had been charged $15 to get in and bartenders were serving "anything you wanted."

Case 2:

A North Andover mother hosted a party with alcohol for minors.

Frank supplied alcohol at the party and charged guests five dollars. In addition to the teens drinking alcohol, one of the responding officers reported smelling marijuana in the house's basement
Frank was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, procuring alcohol for a person under 21 and keeping a disorderly house.
Case 1:
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