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Industrial and Logistics Market 2014 - Warehouse Association

No description

Robbie Bennett

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Industrial and Logistics Market 2014 - Warehouse Association

Industrial and
Logistics Market
Small and medium
Market overview
SME sector
Mid box
Large units
Regional perspective
Summary and predictions
SME sector
Mid box
Large units

Summary and

Summary and predictions

SME sector highlights
Mid box highlights
Large unit highlights
Any questions?
The headlines
(50,000–99,999 sq ft)
(≥100,000 sq ft)
(0-49,999 sq ft)
Market overview
Occupier advice for lease events and acquisitions
Plan ahead - consider build to suit
Be tactical with your notices / break clauses
Be tactical with your lease expiries
In prime areas landlords hold the whip hand in negotiation - consider off prime
Incentives are reducing - lease terms are extending
Seek professional advice
Take-up for the year reached 52.3m - a 25% increase on 2012

Second hand space accounts for 94% of take-up in the sector
10-49,999 sq ft size range shows 56% bounce back in take-up

Greatest increase in Greater London and Wales
Grade A now only 7% of total stock: just over 3 months supply on 2013 take-up levels
Take-up for small business units remains stable
Activity remains stable as sector cements its position
Severe shortage of grade A stock leads occupiers to focus on second hand space
Only 36 grade A buildings on the market, representing 2.6 month's supply (based on 2013 take-up)
North West and Midlands showing acute shortages
Take-up increased 32% on previous year to 30.2m sq ft on grade A stock

40% of deals in this sector were freehold
80% of grade A supply is in Midlands and Northern markets.

Only 42 grade A buildings above
100,000 sq ft on market
74% of all take-up was build to suit as occupiers struggled to find any suitable existing stock
Mid box
Market overview
Large units
Market overview highlights
Take-up 94.2m: an increase of 24%

Biggest winners are Yorkshire & the Humber and Wales
Grade A continues to reduce, now representing 9% of total stock
Occupiers have been forced to consider secondary properties and build-to-suit to satisfy needs
Nearly 50% of locations
studied showed secondary rental growth, compared to 17% in 2012
Ownership of strategic land is the key to success
Speculative development will continue
Expect rental
growth to
Incentives will fall and lease terms may extend in the short term
Internet shopping will grow further

Landlords may not be prepared to regear
Mid box supply will increase speculatively
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