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"The Pact"

No description

leslie johnson

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of "The Pact"

Character Sketch
Who is he?

Born on January 19, 1973 (birthday)
"My eyes took in everything"
very attentive and observant
5th of 6 children
sister with mental problems (Roselene)
close relationship with Felease (drug addict)
Kenny- someone he once looked up to as a child but later hated him
Ruthener Davis (Moms)
uneducated and illiterate
admired her survival instincts
"mother of the neighborhood"
born in 1933 in South Carolina
father (Kenneth Davis) left when sam was eleven (divorce)
struggled financially
father was in the Army at one point
father worked at Newark Airport
Sampson Davis
Character Sketch
Who is he?

Born February 6, 1973
At the age of two, he moved from South Carolina to Newark, NJ
His dentist inspired him to become a dentist
brother Garland; mother Ella Jenkins Mack
headstrong, independent; held sons to high-standards; determined, hard-working; proud
Viola Johnson
teacher; high expectation; proud of where she was from Newark; lifelong leaner; real world experiences
Heyward Mack- George's step father
wanted to do well in school
father was an absentee father
Shahid Jackson- father figure to George
became older brother to friends; positive influence
George Jenkins
"The Pact"
The Three Doctors
Character Sketches

Character Sketch
Rameck Hunt
Who is he ?

lived with mother and grandmother
not as poor
participated in gifted and talented program.
Arlene Hunt (mother)
pregnant at 17
turned to drugs
struggled to forgive
after quitting her job they financially struggled
"Ma's house was where I felt most secure"
"No matter what you do in life, it's gonna be hard, so you might as well do something positive. At least you can recap the benefits in the end."
"He thought his mother was the prettiest women he had ever seen."
Ms. Hatt (influence)
paid for his gardening
Father (drug addict & influence)
wanted Rameck's life to be better than him
intelligent in his early years during high school.
Rameck no longer felt protected when his motheer protected when his mother started using drugs.
he questions his mother's love but not his fathers
"But through a child's eyes, I saw a father sacrificing his needs for his son's."
bought his own clothes
He met Sam and George the first day of University High School.
Rameck was a leader
Remeck had a wild side
excelled in science and math
activist spirit
heart to help people
first to protect an injustice
he questioned everything
joined United Students Organization (USO)
hot head and prankster
Chapter 4- Common Ground (George)
"laid-back, take-me-as-I-am-or-leave-me kind of kid"
Sam and George were close friends, nut hadn't met till junior year.
all three of them began to skip classes
the Seton Hall presentation changed their lives
the three boys made a pact to push together through college and use their knowledge for the better.
Sam & George
liked baseball, basketball, football, video games, Nike sneakers, and the latest fashion.
Sam was offered a balance
Sam also had a diffcult time staying away from trouble.
Chapter 5- Caged (Rameck)
Fall of 1998 (16 year old) -> living with Ma in Plainfield
Nicole (Aunt)
"Those boys aint nothing but trouble"
"You gonna get in a world of trouble following behind them"
Clinton Ave boys Vs. Arlington Ave boys
territorial dispute
Rameck's friends were bad influences (Aunt Nicole & Ma)
beat people up for no reason
Crackhead incident
Rameck had a knife
attempted murder charges
stabbed a crackhead because he was trying to be cool.
Went to juvenile-detention at a young age
gets transfer to jail in Elisbeth.
released and put on house arriest
too embarrassed to Sam & George the truth
"friends" pressured him to confess
judge threw out the charges
starts hanging out with George and Sam more often.
Chapter 6- A Big Break (Sam)
Fall of 1989 (16 year old)
afraid of what his friends thought of him.
he knew this friends thought of him
"Marshall" used only by his family and friends
charged with armed robben
sent to juvenile-detention
he knows his a better person than that
he knows he disappoint Moms.
question himself
Rameck stop hanging out with his old friends
Chapter 7- Hope (George)
By January, most classmates were either still working on their college applications pr waiting for a response
Rameck still planned to apply to Howard University
had an interview at Seton Hall
kept wondering if he would really make it to college
All three friends accepted to Seton Hall
began to plan future together
graduation, historic event
"We had survived the streets of Newark, and that was no small reasons to be grateful."
" I've never known a kid who doesn't what is acceptable and cool."
skeptical about getting into college
Rameck -> accepted to Howard University
financial restraints
the pact
peer pressure
focused on school
Chapter 8- Summer Odyssey (Rameck)
Carla Dickson- school counselor
"you are doctors"
she took them, how to take notes effectively, study for tests, manage our time, dress for a job, interview and control our temperament.
Had a responsibility to help his community
"Sam, George, and I attended every class, did all of the assigned homework, studied together, and made good grades in every subject."
received a book scholarship for outstanding academic performance.
Chapter 9- Earth Angel (Sam)
Fall of 1990
"Earth angel"
angel- Carla Dickson
Carla Dickson
older sister, guidance counselor, angel, mother-figure, friend
she is REAL
passed on life lessons learned firsthand.
Sam called Carla to vent frustration
Out of the three of us, I grew closet to her, perhaps because he was the most needy emotionally.
Jewanza Kunjufu
society's racial injustices
"Carla, go out and save our black boys"
The Pact --> all 3 need to stay
Rameck and Sam got accepted and went to Medical School a year early (left George behind)
Chapter 10- A Different World (Rameck)
wanted to encourage "step-brother" to go back to school
"We were a spectacle, confirming white folks' worst stereotypes."
"I resented the stereotype"
beat a white boy for standing and watching the arguement
white boy didn't press charges
put on probation for 6 months
thanked god
stole sweatshirt from campus store and was caught by store clerk
"College was different from anything I had ever known, but I could get so much out of it if I just tired."
"I finally realized that if I wanted to change my life, I had to act differently."
bought book, "Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black boys."
"All my life I had been taught that black fols have a responsibility to help one another out."
created an idea to help mentor kids in bad neighborhoods
approached Student Government Association
group was named, "Ujima," because it means, "collective work and responsibility."
had a party and charged $5 for the party to raise money
the party was success
chase schools and tutored younger kids from inner-city
teacher from Brooklyn agreed ad brought kids
"I can't remember feeling more proud of myself."
"I recognized that I needed to change. If I let my best friends down and blew this opportunity to get a college education, I could blame no one by myself."
Chapter 11- Rap (George)
"Rap music defined out generation the way the Motown sound had defined our parents 'era."
George and Rameck liked rapping
group= A.R.T: Another Rough Tribe
Sam was their mix tape to studio producer.
Went for free then, started charging money
Sam gave $500/money pincher
mother sent every dime of the extra money to help with tuition and books
sent demo package to record companies.
Faith Evans introuduced the oys to Bad Boy Records
Gave up because they didn't want to waste their school years.
Pact was still solid
Chapter 12- Love Sick (Rameck)
"I always thought I was too cool to let a girl break my heart."
friend introduced him to Kay
Kay (ex girlfriend)
beautiful girl
2 years younger
went to Rutger University
gave him her phone number
becomes Rameck's girlfriend
had an on/off relationship
he envisioned a life with her (family, kids, house, etc.)
first girl to break his heart
Rameck becomes untrustworthy, which seemingly turns her off
had thought s about breaking the pact
made a plan to drop out of school and become a teacher
broke up forever
made him realized he was "Love sick"
the pact was sicked again
Chapter 13- Access Med (Sam)
Rameck and Sam were the firsr Seton Hal students to be accpet to Access Med.
3.4 grade point average
transferred to Rutgers during senior year
Linda Hsu (biology)
go for beyond her official duties to make sure they had everything they needed to succeed
felt like he was abandoning George campus
clique donated $1,000 to the Doctora Founation
met a girl and fell in love
girl got pregnant (not his baby)
Dat: future roommate
got into a fight because his "disrespectful"
appreciated Rameck's loyalty
disgusted by surgery
threw up in doctor's sink
felt awkward at Robert Wood Johnson
Camille: skipped two grades
Sam wasn't sure he wanted to become a doctor
Rameck & Sam stuggled fincially
Continuing - Chapter 13
Felt alone in Med School
Unsure of becoming a doctor
peers seemed more aduanced, been exposed to medicsl type things
intimidated, fell behind academically
Dr. Linda Hsu -> inspirational
similar to Carla Dickson
need for money
no time for jobs
left parties together
"At home in Newark, things kept getting worse"
Fellease got AIDS
Sam received: High Pass and Passes
Rameck received: High Pass
Sam found his place in medicine
Chapter 14- Old Ties (George)
Graduated from Seton Hall
moved back home to Newark
faced unanticipated dilemma
felt guilty for asking his mom for everything
Blonnie Watson stood up for him
learned from his and Sam/Rameck's mistakes
old neighborhood was such a distraction
"These were people who had little or nothing them-selves, but they were willing to share what they had to help me."
felt lonely when Sam and Rameck left
missed Rameack and Sam so much
felt lost when they moved to New Brunswick in Rugter
Rameck, Sam, and George always called or visited one another when one of them needed encouragement.
Rameck helped him chose George's first car and taught him how to drive it.
Some one always seemed to be there when he needed fatherly advice or instructions
Chapter 15- D.W.B (Rameck)
November 10, 1996 about 2 a.m
three cop cars were behind him
he locked eyes with one of the officers and the three of them started following them.
"Practically every black man who has ever been behind the wheel of a car knows the drills: make sure you're not speeding."
(gets pulled over for being black)
cops patted them down and had the car searched
a old fishing knife was found
changed with inference with a police officer and possession of a deadly weapon
a cop tells him to file complaint
calls his mother for help
lawyer missed court 3 times
on 4th trail they lost the knife so the judge threw the cast away
"God had rescued me once again."
he was free to go.
Chapter 16- Becoming Doctors (Sam)
Rameck and Sam waited for the state board exam result
they moved to Camden to start clinical rotation
they didn't make it
things were awkward between the 30 them
Sam studied review book every morning
he passed
two days before match day he had not matched in emergency medicine
none of hid top choices of hospital had listed him among their top choices of students
"I was about to return as a doctor to the same hospital where I was born."
Chapter 17- Graduation (George)
George and Sam landed in Maryland for their residencies
considered joining the U.S Air Force as a detist
offering a $30,000 one-timing signing bonus
money caught his attention
changed his mind about joining the military
he didn't want to spend four more years in boot camp
got an interview in dentistry for a general practice resident at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark
was offered the position
Sam, Remack and George all got their residency in Newark
graduated together
Dr. Valerie Noble
encouraged them in highschool
they went to her when they needed to talk to about a personal problem or had carreer question
Lestine Graves (George's aunt)
inspired him
goes back to college at the age of forty
she consistently ranked at the top of her class
visits his father
"Sam, the workhorse, the most doggedly determine person I'd ever met, who held so much inside"
"Remack, the skeptic and activist, who was outraged by injustice, and always believed there was something he could do to make things right"
George was foresight
they had planned their first real vacation together at Cancun
cover of the newspaper was Start of Something Big
Chapter 18- Goodbye (George)
Ma moved to Columbia
In 1997, the family had noticed that she didn't look well when she returned home.
Ma's doctor diagnosed her with cirrhosis of the liver.
His family often hid bad news from him while he was away at school (they didn't want him to worry)
"Nothing in life had prepared me to lose the women who had been as close as a mother to me."
Ma's liver began to fail.
Ma ended up going to George's graduation.
A donor for her liver replacement had been located
There were high risk that Ma could die during the surgery.
The surgery was a success
but June 19, 1999, Ma had died
he finally had to let her go
Chapter 19- Home Again (Sam)
Moved back to Newark with a friend, Mary Ann Jackson
George, Rameck, and Sam researched and established the Three Doctors Foundation, Incorporation.
An old friend had been shot and dead later in the hospital, which made him realize how the choices he made payed off.
William Cortez (friend)
one of the first real friends he ever had
started a family
became friends with Rameck and George.
was like a brother to Sam who always encouraged him
received a photo album from his brother, Kenny
33 years old man died during surgery after being shot 6 different times.
Sam had risen to the top of the class, because his scores were above average from the nation
the boys celebrated together for making it
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