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Language Arts Individual Oral Presentation


mark wong

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Language Arts Individual Oral Presentation

Journeys End Relationship between Stanhope and Raleigh Interactions Characterisation Basic relationship Change in Relationship Effects of Relationship Pre War War Pre Raid Post Raid Raleighs Death Stanhope Raleigh Stanhope Raleigh Pre War War Pre raid Post raid Raleighs death Theme of War Theme of death R and S were at school together Fathers were friends S unofficially engaged to R sister S stayed over during summer S looked after R Raleigh enters Stanhoeps company Stanhope shocked Censors Raleighs letters Raleigh to go for raid Stanhope unwilling Does not tell Raleigh of danger Osbourne dead Stanhope foul mood Scolds Raleigh for not joining officers Raleigh hit by shell Final conversation with Stanhope Stanhope ruffles hair then leaves Good natured Brave Ingenuous Eager to please Hero - worship Interactions


Basic Relationship

Change in Relationship

Significance of Relationship Hot tempered Drunk Charismatic Committed Brave Treats raleigh like a kid No respect given to Raleigh Fears Raleigh will tell his sister Assumes Raleigh is still the child back in school Hero worships Stanhope Tries to get Stanhopes approval Still thinks Stanhope is the same person in school Language arts Individual Oral presentation Interactions


Basic relationship

Change in relationship

Significance of relationship Thinks greatly and positively of Stanhope Understands Stanhopes Condition Cares for Raleigh Thinks Raleigh still has to be looked after Relationship very Strong Stanhope Raleigh's hero Stanhope looked after Raleigh Relationship weaker 5 main checkpoints Show the change in relationship Basis for a good relationship BUT Theme of War Based on how they view each other Contrast in reality Basis for conflict Raleigh has matured Stanhope changed due to stress and war Have not caught up with the times Due to war and death Relationships based on circumstances not on character Can make or break relationships Changes Stanhope very dramatically War makes monsters of men Powerful and devastating Shown positively Puts things into perspective Mends relationships Uncovers all viels and circumstances Death shown to be a luxury Stanhope not in best form Cold Uncomfortable around each other Warmer towards Raleigh Due to Osbournes mediation Cares for Raleigh - didnt want him put down for the raid Stanhope depressed and moody Blamed Raleigh for being alive Osbourne dead Not really angry, glad that Raleigh safe Mended relationship --> Names Death puts life in perspective Saw each other clearly Strong bonding and segregation
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