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The Circle by Dave Eggers

No description

Spencer Schmalz

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of The Circle by Dave Eggers

Character Descriptions

Circle Campus

Not too distant future

Over the span of a few months

Want you to eat, sleep, work, and play on campus.
Point of View/Genre
Third Person
Theme Statements
The science fiction novel
The Circle
by Dave Eggers...
The Circle by Dave Eggers
Prezi by Spencer Schmalz
Main Character

Got a job at The Circle

Slowly becomes more connected

Becomes "transparent"
Mae's best friend

Got Mae a job at the circle

Is high up at the company

Eventually gets jealous as Mae gains more power than her
Mae's Parents
Start off completely supportive
Quiet people
Mae's father has multiple sclerosis
Mae gets them health insurance
Don't like to be as connected
Eventually separate themselves from Mae completely
Mae's ex-boyfriend

Good friends with Mae's parents

Not connected at all

Eventually completely leaves to get off the grid.
The 3 wise men
Very good at speaking

Very funny

Makes people like him and want to help him

Helps gain support for the circle
The business man

Always gets what he wants

Takes care of financial and legal

Causes people who are against the circle to suddenly come up on criminal charges.

Behind the scenes


Uses his knowledge to help create the circles inventions
...is about what would happen if a single company monopolized the internet and shows that the idea isn't as far fetched as some might think.
...is a warning about what could happen if people become too connected to the internet and shows that if given the opportunity people will give up privacy for convenience.
The book is written from the point of view of a narrator who is not a character in the story.
The narrator is not all knowing.
Plot Elements
Science Fiction
Rising Action
Falling Action
Mae gets a job at the Circle

Explains her old job

Gets setup at her desk with two monitors
Mae starts to handle "customer experience" claims

Mae begins to become more connected

Starts to get more responsibilities and more monitors

Becomes more involved in Circle activities

Goes from the bottom to the top of the PartiRank
Mae goes "transparent"

Wears a camera around her neck

Anyone can see or hear what she is doing

Has millions of viewers

Constantly being watched
The Circle heads towards "completion"

Mae gains viewers by the millions

The Circle takes over voting

Circle accounts become required

Programs that can find anyone anywhere

Many more people become transparent
Mae refuses to help stop "completion"

Everyone is connected to the circle

Everything goes through the circle
"All that happens must be known"
Page 68
This quote sums up one of the main messages of this book and shows how people at the circle are thinking.
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