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Push and Pull Factors of Australia and USA

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Rhys Vaudin

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Push and Pull Factors of Australia and USA

What does push and pull factors mean!?
Push factors are when some thing is forcing you to leave for reasons that may be bad and unbeneficial to you or your family.
Pull factors are when you are choosing to leave because you can have a better life or have better care and safety for your family.
examples of push factors internationally
Company moves or closes
Bad health care
safety :)
Over population
Examples of pull factors internally
- A different city may offer better money and a better job
- A different council
- More shops/cheaper shops
- Better real estate options
- A better way of life :D
Example of pull factors internationally
- A better change in climate
- A better place to live in
- Better job value
- Better life styles
- Shops can be more ranged and cheaper!!

Summary and overview about push and pull factors.
International (phew that was a big title)
Push factors is when your driven away from their house to a better location that can be International or internal.
Pull factors is when you are driven to a location due to beneficial reasons such as better jobs, climate and life styes.
Examples of push factors internally
Job moving/closing down
chemical spills
bush fires
Health care
over population!!
Push and Pull Factors of Australia and USA!!!
Is where people move to a different Country or Continent for a personal reason. For example real estate and Financial reasons may be more beneficial in Japan.
International Migration Definition
Internal Migration in Australia
Internal Migration is when people move to a different place in the same country for reasons such as job openings and a better way of life.
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