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Spanish Project

its a spanish project

Simone Elbrecht

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Spanish Project

Chapter 2A First Period: primera hora Second period: segunda hora Third Period: tercera hora Fourth Period: cuarta hora Fifth Period: quinto hora Sixth Period: sexta hora Seventh Period: septima hora Eighth Period: octava hora Ninth Period: noveno hora To Talk About the Order of Things To Talk About Your School Day el almuerzo: lunch la clase: class
la clase de... : ...class
en la...hora: in the...hour arte: art espanol: Spanish ciencias naturales: science ciencias sociales: social studies educacion fisica: physical education ingles: english matematicas: mathematics tecnologia: technology la tarea: homework To Talk About Things You Need For School la calculadora: calculator la carpeta de argollas:
three-ring binder el diccionario: dictionary To Describe Your Classes aburrido: boring dificil: difficult dicertido: amusing, fun facil: easy favorito: favorite interesante: interesting practico: practical Chapter 2B la bandera: flag To talk about classroom items el cartel: poster la computadora: computer el disquete: diskette la mochila: bookbag, backpack la pantalla: computer screen la papelera: wastepaper basket el raton: computer mouse el reloj: clock el sacapuntas: pencil sharpener el teclado: computer keyboard To talk about classroom furniture el escritorio: desk la mesa: table la silla: chair To talk about parts of a classroom la puerta: door la ventana: window To indicate location al lado de la/del: next to, beside alli: there aqui: here debajo do la/del: underneath delante de la/del: in front of detras de la/del: behind Donde?: Where? en: in, on encima de la/del: on top of By: Rebecca McMahon and Simone Elbrecht By: Rebecca McMahon and Simone Elbrecht
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