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Senior Project

No description

Shikirra Williams

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Senior Project

Muay Thai Kickboxing Mentor Why I chose this topic and what I hoped to gain? Basic movements kick punch knee strike elbow strike Growing up I would watch martial arts movies, and wanted to be just like the people in the movies. I hoped to learn how to defend myself in a new and different way. Master Kenny Kim Director and master of Impact Martial Arts Studio What would I do differently? I wish I could have done my first idea, which was on being a flight attendent. Challenges faced Learning how to punch while blocking Deciding on product Putting together my presentation Getting my pictures done for presentation Got bullies? Want to be like Jackie Chan or Jet Li? Need a new and fun way to workout? Need reassurance you know how to defend yourself? I wish I could have taken the classes for a longer period of time. Product Creating the speech for my presentation A little advice to future seniors Work hard Turn papers in on time Put best effort into the project What I learned Defensive and offensive movements New way to exercise How to block and do counter attacks Different combinations How to strike a punch or kick effectively and properly Uniform
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