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Timeline : The Trojan War

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Caroline sheppard

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Timeline : The Trojan War

9 year gap
Timeline : The Trojan War
1. Eris is Enraged
The evil goddess, Eris is anger because she did not get invited to an important wedding of king Peleus and the sea nymph, Thetis. She responded to this by throwing a golden apple with the writing "
For the Fairest
" on it. All the goddesses wanted it but it came down to Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. They asked Zeus to decide who got the apple but he said he would have nothing to do with the matter. He said for them to go to Mount Ida, close to Troy, where they would meet prince Paris. His father, the king of Troy, cast him away because he was warned the Paris would someday be the ruin of his country.
2. The Judgement of Paris
When the goddesses appeared to Paris he was awestruck, like anyone. Instead of picking the goddess who got the apple by her beauty, he considered bribes that were made to him by the goddesses. Hera, to be Lord of Europe and Asia; Athena, That he would lead Troy victory against Greece and lay it in ruins; Aphrodite, that the fairest woman on earth would be his to keep. Paris was a coward and weak so he picked Aphrodite. This is the reason why the Trojan War began.
3. The Kidnap of Helen
Aphrodite had to pay her bribe to give Paris the most beautiful women in the world. This women was Helen, daughter of Zeus and Leda. The goddess led Paris to Sparta where Helen and her husband Menelaus, welcomed him as a guest. Menelaus, trusting of his guest, left Paris at his house to go to Crete. Paris then kidnapped Helen. This caused the king to call forth all of Greece for help.
4. The Argument of Achilles and Agamemnon
The argument was about the daughter of Apollo's priest, whom the greeks stole and gave to Agamemnon. Her name was Chryseis. Her father begged him to let her go but he refused. Her father prayed to Apollo and Apollo heard. Apollo then shot fiery arrows on the Greek army that plagued them and cause many men to get sick and die. Achilles held a meeting about how they needed to appease Apollo so they could continue to fight Troy. The prophet Calchas said that Chryseis would need to be returned to her father. Everyone agreed accept Agamemnon because she was his "prize of honor". After Chryseis was returned, Agamemnon sent to of his men to take Achilles prize away from him, Briseis. Achilles swore that Agamemnon would pay for this. That night, Achilles mother visited him. She was as angry as him and told him to stop fighting for the Greeks. Then she went to Zeus and asked him to let the Trojans win the war. Zeus finally agreed. Hera and some other gods didn't agree and thought Greece should win; and so began the war to be fought in Olympus.
5. When Paris and Menelaus Meet
After Apollo had deserted the Greek army great battle followed. In this battle the armies suddenly stopped fighting and drew back to their sides. In between them was Paris and Menelaus. They fought and Menelaus almost won and would have led Greece to victory if Aphrodite hadn't intervened, catching Paris in a cloud and taking him back to Troy. After Menelaus had gone to look for Paris and failed, Agamemnon spoke to both armies an said that Menelaus had won and they give Helen back. This was ok with both armies but Hera said otherwise. She wanted Troy ruined and until then the war couldn't end. She told Athena to persuade Pandarus, a Trojan, to shoot at Menelaus. He slightly wounded him, but at this act of treachery the Greeks turned on the Trojans and the war began again.
6. When Zeus Took Control
Since the Greeks didn't have their hero Achilles, The Greeks were not much of a match for the Trojans. Hector was going back into battle and with good hopes. Zeus remembered the promise he made the Achilles mother and he ordered all the immortals to stay in Olympus. Zeus himself went down to help the Trojans. Hector led the Trojans so well that they drew the Greeks almost back to their ships. This was a big victory in Troy that night.
7. Hera Fights Back
Hera didn't approve of Zeus helping the Trojans. She devised a plan the would give the upper hand back to Greece. She made her self look so lovely that he would not resist her. When Zeus held her she would make him fall asleep and he would forget the Trojans. She did this and Greece had favor. They drove the Trojans back to Troy and it would have fallen that day if Zeus didn't wake up. Zeus reprimanded Hera but she blamed it on Poseidon. Zeus then had Poseidon yanked from battle. Then the Greeks were losing once again.
Roster : Trojans
Prince Aeneas
Roster : Greeks

Patroclus Dies
When the Trojans were about to defeat the Greeks, Achilles best friend Patroclus, could not stay away from the battle. He offered Achilles that he would go fight since Achilles was still caught up in his anger. He would wear his armor so the Trojans would think it was Achilles and they would give the Greeks some breathing room. Patroclus did this and fought like Achilles would and everyone though it was him. But then he met Hector and Hector knew it wasn't Achilles. Hector speared him and he died.

Achilles Returns to Battle
The death of Patroclus of course devastated Achilles and he swore to avenge his friend by killing Hector. His mother came to him that night and said that if he were to go she would give him armour that was made by Hephaestus, which held magical power. Achilles finally killed Hector but what he did after made the gods angry. He took Hector's body, pierced it to the back of his chariot, and went round and round the walls of Troy. This was a wrong way to treat the dead. The gods told Hector's father to go retrieve him for a proper burial. When his father got to Achilles he "clasped his knees and kissed his hands" Achilles became full of guilt and he gave Hector's body to him for a proper funeral.
and The Death of Hector
The Attack Plan
Achilles knew after Hector dies he would die too, fr his mother was told when he was young. So after Achilles died the greeks didn't have any word from their prophet to what the gods would tell to do. Though the Prophet did say that one knew what to do next and that was the prophet on the Trojan side, Helenus. The Greeks captured Helenus and he told him the only way the that Troy could be defeated was to fight the Trojan with the bow and arrow of Hercules. This belonged to the man they had left on Lemnos, Philoctetes.They left him there because he had a wound from a serpent that would not heal and they needed to get to Troy; this occurred in the start of the war when the Greeks were on their way to Troy. They stole the weapons from him but they couldn't just leave him there so they persuaded himto come with them. When Philoctetes came back he was healed and one of the first people he wounded with his arrow was Paris. This though wasn't the reason Troy fell.
The Fall Of Troy
Troy fell because the Greeks learned that they were vulnerable to defeat if they did not have a sacred image of Athena with them. The Greeks stole this and began to devise a plan for a final battle of a decade long war. Odysseus had a plan. He would have a craftsman make a huge wooden horse that the Warriors and himself would hide in. The other of the Greek army were to go to a nearby island and be safe from the Trojans if anything went wrong. They would leave one soldier behind to tell a tale to the Trojans. Since the Trojans discovered the Greek camps deserted, they rejoiced in the fact of what they thought was the end of the war. When they found the lone soldier, Sinon, they spared him because he told him a tale that Athena was made a the theft of her portrait and the way to appease her was with him as a sacrifice. They pitied him and said he was one of their own. Sinon then told the story to them that the wooden has been made as a substitute for Athena and that they should bring it into Troy. They let in this wooden horse and then began to rejoice that the war was over. When they went to sleep in their houses, the warriors in the horse set a blaze to all of Troy and killed all the men and sold the women and children as slaves. That was the end of Troy and the Trojan War.
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