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No description

Kennan Sylvester

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of 3.08 FEAR IN FILM

Review #1
To sumarize the review into one sentance I would say, Ebert was very praising to the film, he gave a few things that could have made it perfect but over all it was a great movie.
Review #1
Some of the words Ebert used to help understand the film were, frightening, insinuating, thriller, horror. These words help us picture what the movie could be. I think the tone in the critics voice would be exicited and passionate because it was a great movie and he wants to put the review in powerful words so the readers understand and are interested in wacthing the movie themselves.
Review #1
CRITIC: Roger Ebert


OUTLINE: ~Summary of the film
~Informs people about the producer
~Tells about the setting.
~Tells about the characters

Review #2
CRITIC: Wanda Hale


OUTLINE: ~She tells about some of the characters in the movie and their roles, who they are.
~ She gives vauge details not giving away the end of the movie.
~She praises producer for doing it again and making a great movie.
Review #2
A summary of this review in one sentence would be, She wanted to give the details but not to many to give away the movie, she gave a basic summary of the movie.
Review #2
Some words that she used to decribe were, suspense, excitement, mystery, shocker, mind-teaser. These words used to describe make me want to watch the movie myself because it sounds very good and exciting.
These two reviews deffinatly differed from eachother but at the same time trying to get the same point across. My first review was more giving the details f the movie and what happend where as the second review was about the bigger details such as the vague discription that makes you want to know what happens next, also the second review told about some of the characters and who they are. I would deffinatly want to watch this movie becuase both critques made the movie sound like its worth watching.
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