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Your very own PSA

No description

Steven Fraser

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Your very own PSA

Your very own PSA
Smokey the Bear
We have seen PSA's use patriotism, fear, and guilt to engage the minds of the public.
Consider you audience
Make sure you choose a slogan or character that most engages your target audience. Ask yourself if the audience you have chosen is the best target.
Remember the father and son drug video? The video used guilt and a twist to grab the viewer. Would a twist help drive your idea home?
Many people may relate to others who they identify with.
What makes a great mascot?
Appeals to kids (cartoons)
Appeals to women (teddy bear)
Appeals to men (manly bear)
Why he worked for so long
He was able to adapt to any audience.
He changed with the times.
If you were to use a copyrighted character....
What kind of pitfalls could you face?
Who will you choose
to defend the forest?
"You don't need big feet to
stomp out wildfires"
What tactic will you employ to get your slogan into the minds of the public ?
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