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Jo Bassett

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Botswana

Jordan Bassett
1st Theme of Geography:
Absolute Location:
24.6667 S. and 25.9167 E. are the coordinates of Botwana
Relative Location:
Botswana is in the middle part of south Africa.
2nd Theme if Geography:
Physical Characteristics:
There is a lot of animal life. Most of the country is desert. The eastern part of Botswana is very hilly, whereas the southern part has many salt lakes. Also the country is rich in diamonds.
Human Characteristics:
Some of the human characteristics of Botswana are the old villages and civilization ruins that are scattered throughout the land. The people in the country speak a variety of languages all over the country.
3rd Theme of Geography:
Human Environment Interaction
The people of Botswana have an amazing environment that they call home. The wildlife in Botswana is beautiful. They have safaris to show that to the public. They usually eat only what grows around them in the landscape. They don't do anything to harm the environment in any way. They love the environment and get the most they can out of it including their industry which comes from diamond mining.
4th Theme of Geography:
The main way that the people in Botswana get around is through the Botswana Railways. Some of the people have cars but they don't really want to because the animals can sometimes get on the roads causing crashes. They also have an airway system called Air Botswana. The products transported to and from Botswana internationally are transported by a plane or cargo boat. In the country, the products are transported ,normally, through driving and planes.
The 5th Theme of Geography:
Regions in Botswana:
Botswana is divided, by directions and sometimes cities, into regions. The southern Region is where the capital city ,Gabarone, is and also where museums and diamond mines are. The most popular region is the Moremi and Okavango region, which is where the main air departure and arrival points are. Also this is the best region in almost all of Africa for safaries. There are also the Chobe Region named after the Chobe river and national park. The Eastern and central region are the most agricultural parts of Botswana. The regions are based of of the geographic points that are in them, some of the cities in them, and the directions of the country they are in.
Safari Pictures
Thank You!
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