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Crazy Fandom

Group 6

Carmen Truc

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Crazy Fandom

Fandom Brian, Peony, Jack, Fred, Carmen Fans In Korea Fan clubs Netizens Who are they? Fans in America American fandom is not really based on idols its more based on TV shows, books, movies, etc.
While Korea is more based on the idols themselves
Korean fans are more intense compared to American fans, even though an example would be Justin Bieber
The worst thing an American fan would do is cut themselves
Where as Korean fans would go to the extent of stalking them daily and sending them written blood letters Business Record Companies are a business
Concert Items
MV items
“What the idol has I want” Sasaeng Fans Sasaenghwal (Private life)
Paen (Fan)
Sasaeng Fan are excessively obsessed Hallyu fans that stalk and invade the privacy of their favourite idols
Usually females between the ages 13-22 Fan signs E.g., E.L.F, SONE, V.I.P, Cassiopeia
International fanclubs
iSONE, iV.I.P, iCassies
Official fan clubs
Korean citizens only
Largest fan clubs
Big Bang
Girls' Generation Fan chants Started in the late 1990s
Fans themselves or the company
Only Korea and Japan
Includes: name of idols, fan club name, song phrases, etc.
Tutorials and/or guides
Loudest fan chants
Goodbye Lightsticks Balloons Towels Placards Gifts Fan fic Fan art Social network sites Faceboook Twitter Definition: A portmanteau of the world Internet and Citizen, It is used to describe members who are actively involved In a community.
Although, the term netizens might often be associated with fans of K-Pop, it is not entirely true as it is used to describe the broad online population of South Korea,whose interest can lie in a large variety of hobbies, interest and topics. The substantially large and visible population of people we call Netizens can be explained entirely by the fact that Internet is more freely used here than any other, with a measure from World Internet Penetration Rate of 81.10% in 2010 and is still rising What’s so special about Korea’s Social Network? Interestingly enough, South Korean preferred form of communication is that of micro-blogging which is surprising given the large variety of digital tools available at their disposal.
Speculatively, this is due to the fact that the use of smartphones are highly popular in SK and with the introduction of applications that promote the use of wireless internet connectivity
The fact that various celebrities are actively promoting the use of media platform, only act as further enticement Unique Preference of
Blogs over Forums Overconsumption of the Internet and Why People Really Enjoy Using It Use of microblogging is much more prevalent given the fact that South Koreans prefer their information to be “short and sweet” (Even with only half a million users, Twitter is successfully used for political cases, corporate promotion and consumer marketing)
Given the fact that some site allows people to adopt username, It adds a sense of anonymity and further expression of their opinions
The term Netizen, although not entirely reflective of just the Korean population, is more used in South Korea due to larger popularity of SNS over anywhere else What do you guys think of stardom? How do they work? Sasaeng fans work together in an extremely organized network
Older fans get jobs that allow them to get private information such as working at a credit card company or a phone company.
Small country Crazy Obsession Sasaeng fans sleep infront of the idols house so they don’t miss a moment
Sasaeng fans blog about their idols and it’s become a competition to see who can get closest to them
Example: Taec Yeon blood letter Ok Taec Yeon from 2PM “Ok Taec Yeon, you cannot live without me.”
Letter written in blood
Pubes sprinkled on the letter TVXQ/DBSK Changmin from DBSK changes numbers and receives a text saying “Oh! You changed your number?” “Changing your number often isn’t a good thing hahahaha”
“Even received pictures of the items in our rooms” “We were curious too..”
“So I changed my number once more and ..” Jaejoong from JYJ Jackal Is Coming
Movie based on sasaeng fans Sasaeng Taxi A taxi that looks like a regular car
$30 USD per hour
“Hard to stop because you can make a lot of money out of it”
Normal taxi is $9 USD an hour
Drivers would speed, tail gate, drive dangerously to keep up with the idol vans Interesting facts Installing 5-6 GPS system on the vans of idols and installing cctv for the purpose of sasaeng stalking
Calling DBSK often and even calling their family members
Saying proudly that they spent 800,000 won on Sasaeng taxi
Getting into an accident on purpose with idols just to introduce themselves
Searched Sasaeng fan club on Naver (Popular Korean website) and found a blog saying "recruiting members for block b sasaeng group" Fandoms Around the World YG Store Why do you buy items celebrity endorses? Power of fans Fans control the group and business
No fans = end of an idol’s career
No fans = no money
Market is bigger
Online Shops are used to help companies create more income Jay Park Case Study Sept. 2009: Netizen found posts on Jay’s Myspace September 7, 2009 –JYP released a statement that Park would continue to be part of 2pm
September 8, 2009 – Jay Park left Korea. “I’m sorry that I have to leave like this. I decided to leave 2PM but I wasn’t able to carry out my duties as a leader and have come a burden to the group.”
500 fans went to Incheon airport to stop him 7-1=0 (fans’ reaction) Netizens petition Jay Park to commit suicide
Removed from group
Fans left their fan group “Hottest”
Silent protest
15 000 origiami roses “Waiting For Jay”
Private Jet banner “J, What time is it now”
Some fans showed Jay their support
A way to cheer him up Flash mobs Support for Jay was from all around the world
Different cities in the world created Flashmobs to protest against JYP and to support Jay Park
New York City, Los Angeles, Seoul, Daegu, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Singapore, France, Germany, Malaysia and much more. Compared to Korean Fandom Justin Bieber Fanclub: Beliebers
Fandom: Bieber Fever
When Justin Bieber cut his hair, he was reported to lost 80,000 followers on twitter
When people found out Justin Bieber was smoking weed, fans started cutting their wrist for him
Teens wouldn’t stop cutting themselves unless he stopped smoking weed Twilight Fans Everyone would refer themselves as Team Edward or Team Jacob instead of the idols themselves
Also called Twihard or Twilighters
Many fansites, blogs, Facebook pages, and followers Harry Potter Fans No specific fanclub name
1999, unoffical name 'Pottermania' described the crazy fandom of Harry Potter series
Fan conventions
Cosplays and roleplays
http://www.harrypotterfanclub.com/ Ways to Express Fans' Support Americans uses Tumblr to express their support their favourite artist(s), TV shows, books, etc., by creating their own blog or re-blogging others
Where as Koreans uses a variety of ways to express their support to their favourite idols and/or artists
E.g., fanchants, forums, merchandise, etc., Fans are the base of the entertainment industry. They are the consumers that help idols and their company survive. Although, their obsession may go over board their support is what helps them win awards and take over the global charts. Conclusion Thank You! Anti-Fans Why do they do it? Definition: A subset of Netizens and K-pop fans, they engage in obsessive research about something they claim to oppose
There are two types:
Those who are highly opinionated against a target
Those who actively pursue through physical harm or indirect mean
Threatens idols/artists
Tell idols to go die, go back to their own country
Physical attacks
Start fan wars
Yunho glue incident
SNSD silent treatment
Petition to go die The reason why people pursue in anti-fan activity can range for a wide variety of reasons:
Out of animosity and against a rival boy/girl group
An example of this would be a huge hair-pulling street fight between fans of a group called H.O.T. and Sechs Kies in the late 1990s
For the sake of attention seeking
Especially on the internet where anonymity is promoted, people say whatever they want without consequence e.g. trolling
Insanity is a third definite possibility
Some just like to watch the world burn
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