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Presidential Candidate Project

No description

Melissa Pech

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Presidential Candidate Project

Presidential Candidate
Sally Deng Ivee Santos
Melissa Pech Sonia Lin
Haley Norton Jeannette Hann

Presidential Candidate
Luke Washington
Moderate Democrat
from Wisconsin
Gender: Male
Age: 51

Education: Received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of Business. Then went on to get a Law Degree from Harvard.
Professional Life: Two year Enlistment to the Air Force.

Former Lawyer and Current Senator from Wisconsin

Three Political Issues
Issue Number 1
raise minimun wage to $10
decrease unmployment by setting up government facilities that would help employers connect with individuals seeking an internship or another on the job learning experience
hire workers through government fed projects
Issue Number 2
Small Business
Reform tax code to close loopholes and lower tax rates
increase the maximum loan size
the government will lend money to small businesses and support low interest lending by local banks
Issue Number 3
Approve the Keystone Pipeline
Support and put money toward alternative energy such as wind and solar power.
Economy and Small Business
Wrap Up
Colorado currently has a 34-31 democratic
majority in the House and two democratic
senators in the Senate.

Colorado recently placed eighth out of all the states for gains in small business employment. Taking this into consideration, there will be a lot of support for any initiatives that support small businesses.

Our job is to recognize this, and drive home our points about reforming the tax code and supporting lending by small banks for small businesses to receive low-interest capital.
In the recent 2014 Senate election, voters from Nevada were pretty split, with the winners of most races winning by less than a 60% majority. Though the candidates that won were all Republican, this split shows that the state is not fully committed to one party or the other.

In terms of platform, two of the three main topics relate to Nevada. Though they voted through all Republicans, voters passed ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage as
high a $9.75.

Also, Nevada runs very heavily on
their travel and tourism industry,
so rising energy prices are
detrimental to their economy
With the Keystone XL
Pipeline, energy prices
will settle and help
their economy
Though Iowa voters may back off from an increased
minimum wage, the state does lean slightly democratic.

The current democratic senators of Iowa are split on the
issue of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which shows that not all
Democrats will be turned away by the pipeline. Also, there
will be new incoming support from Republicans for the

Also, Iowa recently got $150,000 to help small businesses
with exports, which shows the importance of small
businesses within Iowa. Using this information, we
can cater our small business and pipeline efforts
towards Iowa.
Many of Wisconsin's
swing districts have a
very high concentration of tea party
loyalists, even though Wisconsin has been a longtime democratic state.

Luckily for us, the Keystone XL Pipeline is a major part of the platform. Tea Party loyalists feel very strongly that this is a great program that will create a multitude of jobs for the American people.

Wisconsin's electoral college did vote
Democratic in the 2012 election, with
Obama winning by a slim 6.8%.
Though in the recent Senate elections,
the Republican candidate has won,
if we focus on the Keystone XL
Pipeline, we have a chance to
sway enough votes to gain ten
very crucial electoral votes.
Both senators of Missouri, though one is
Democratic and one is Republican,
support the Keystone Pipeline,
because of its potential to create so
many new jobs. TransCanada has
contracts with suppliers all over the U.S.,
including some in Missouri.

While Missouri was not considered a swing
state in the last election due to an
increasing conservative presence, it has a
long history of being split on party. This is
due to its mix of agriculture and manufacturing,
rural and urban.

The pipeline should be enough to swing the scale
more even again, away from the increasing
conservative presence.
years, there
has been a
lot of controversy
over the way that voting takes place. People of minority races
have a more difficult time voting. The average wait time in the
nation for an African American in 2012 was 23 minutes. In Ohio
it was up to a few hours. While it started moving towards a more
equal voting system, Republicans struck it down because it
supposedly favored the Democratic party.

Because of this, it is important to not only encourage everyone to
vote regardless of line times, but also to appeal to the other voters,
since they are more likely to vote come election day. Our ads also
play a very prominent role in getting people to actually vote.
Though many of its representatives are Republican, the state as
a whole is more Democratic, so showing the ads often to create
a lasting impression and get a crucial amount of people to
actually vote.

The Keystone Pipeline would greatly benefit Ohio in
terms of lowering gas prices and creating jobs,
and though Ohio's Democratic senators were
split on the vote, the senator that
voted against is retiring.
Therefore, he is less relevant.
wage is
$7.25. A
family simply
cannot live on a
paycheck of $7.25/
hour. New Hampshire is
currently using the set
federal minimum wage,
which makes it is one of the
states with the lowest rate.
That's why it's important to
emphasize our position to
raise the minimum wage to
boost New Hampshire's economy.

New Hampshire, as usual, bears its
importance of having an earlier
primary that receives a lot of media
attention, so it is important to make a
good impression to set the scene for
the rest of the states. Because of the
media attention that comes with it, our
candidate's stump speech will be the most
crucial, not the ads.

In the latest senate election, Democrats were
able to hold on, as the incumbent Democt
won over the Republican opponent.
New Hampshire also currently has two Democrats
in the House, showing that the state does lean
slightly towards the Democratic direction.
governor is
Democratic, and the
latest Senate race went to
an incumbent Democrat.

The state leans slightly Republican though,
with more Republican than Democratic
representatives in the house, and a large part of that is
the Keystone XL Pipeline. Virginia has an approval of the
pipeline 67-23 percent. With this overwhelming majority,
people of the state surely would be pressuring their electoral
college members to vote for a candidate in favor of the pipeline.

The Democratic Senators recently were split on the issue of the pipeline. Those few Democrats against the pipeline are enough to sacrifice in hopes of gaining Republican voters that feel strongly about the pipeline.
North Carolina cares a lot about its economy. Not only do those receiving the minimum wage
support raising the rate, but also half of the millionaires in North Carolina agree that it should
be raised.

Business owners are very optimistic about the upcoming year. Over sixty percent of small business
owners are optimistic about their own business and the state of the economy in the upcoming year. More
than 25 percent are planning on paying their employees more, so the increase in minimum wage would not this
upward trend of small businesses.

Also, as shown in the midterm elections, elections in North Carolina depend highly on media. North Carolina's population
is quite equally distributed across various forms of media, so ads will
play a very large roll, not only on television but also on websites, etc.
They will be especially important on television because four of North
Carolina's television markets are of what are
the 50 largest in the nation.
The sheer size of Florida's population causes it do be split. In the 2012 election,
Obama squeaked by with a 0.9% lead, securing 29 greatly needed electoral votes.

Luckily, Florida is full diversity. A large amount of Florida's
population did not come from Florida, including many
Latino voters. With the past
immigration initiative set by
Obama, a negative light has
been shed on Republicans.
Their disagreement with the
suspending of deportation
angers them, which should
draw Latino voters towards the
Democratic cause.

In this case, the ads are by far
the most important. With such a
large population, the main goal is publicizing and getting the word out.
Mainly, the most important thing is
to be remembered. Our candidate's
ads need to be publicized very
heavily so that people have a
name and a face to remember.
The stump speech isn't too
helpful in this state because
less will be interested
in listening to formal English than watching ads.
Family Background
Senator Washington married Susan
Bennett and had a daughter named
Melissa Washington.

He has two twin one year old granddaughters named Annie and Gabbie.
Small businesses
Keystone xl pipeline
Stump Speech
According to national survey of 1,000 likely voters, the issue that was most important to them was economy and 72% said it was very important.

Small business and energy were also important based on their own merit, but they also will help to improve the economy.

Raising minimum wage helps 25 million workers who are present in every congressional district regardless of party, so minimum wage is a very universal issue that will win voters.

The Keystone pipeline will win Republican voters without losing party-loyal Democrats. Also, since a 56% majority of Americans support the pipeline, there will be a lot of pressure
from the people to move this pipeline forward to improve not only the economy but the nation as a whole.
Support for Background
White Protestant Male: All presidents except for Kenedy and Obama have been white Protestant males
Democrat: In history, voters tend to switch parties when the economy or some other issue is bad (critical election). The switch from a Republican to Democratic Obama was probably a result of the recession. As the economy has shown improvement, voters are likely to stick with the incumbent party
Law and business degrees: most presidents and candidates in recent years have had elitist degrees
Senator: 36% of presidents have been U.S. Senators
support for platform
Economy is the most important issue to voters with 72% saying it is very important
71% of Americans favor raising federal minimum wage
voters are likely to be motivated to vote for an issue that directly improves their quality of life
Small Business
Voters in small businesses are more likely to vote based on policy than on party
Small businesses are important to voters by themselves and as a way of supporing economic growth.
Supporting the Keystone Pipeline and alternative energy which will create jobs to help the economy (all our issues work together to create an effective platform)
The Keystone Pipeline is primarily supported by Republicans, so approving it will help us win voters we might have otherwise have lost (our platform is balanced enough not to completely alienate one party)
Good evening. Thank you for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. Tonight I want to talk to you about the American economy, small business, and energy.
The American economy must not fall behind. As a candidate I pledge to refuel the economy. I will raise the minimum wage and I will raise 5 million Americans out of poverty. An increase in minimum wage will decrease the need for government funded programs to help those in need, which means we can reduce taxes for everybody. Americans will have money to spend and we will get the money flowing again, so that America can once again be a leader in the world economy.
I am going to decrease unemployment and put America back to work. I will make on the job training more available to all Americans so that we can be a nation of skilled workers that do not need government assistance because poverty is a non-issue.
I will ensure that America’s energy future is secure. I will push the Keystone project which has the potential to make 9,000 direct construction jobs alone. By 2035 we can become independent on foreign oil. Keystone will boost our national economic performance by $3.4 billion.
Lastly, I will promote small businesses that are central to American economy, creating the majority of U.S. jobs, patents, and exports. I will provide lower taxes to small businesses, rewarding them for the money they make rather than punishing them through high taxes. I will make money more available to small businesses by increasing the maximum loan size, lending money to them, and encouraging local banks to invest in small businesses by providing lower interest rates. Small businesses will be able to buy the machinery, equipment, land, and buildings to be successful and make the American economy great again.
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