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Hi guys. I just want to remind you that the project first ha

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Zayra Muñoz

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Hi guys. I just want to remind you that the project first ha


A complete guide to visit China
Edition: GAPP
Leidy Patricia Rodriguez
Maria Fernanda Quiroz
Zayra Muñoz Correa

There are no obligatory vaccines
Gives Maximum 60 days demurrage
In this magazine you will find everything related to Chinese tourism ;
It is a magazine for all kinds of people , children, youth , seniors, and grandparents ;
It is important to know other cultures such as the Chinese , as it has variety in all aspects .
 in nature we find different ecosystems, a clear water, China also has a very interesting history

This magazine is directed the persons who want to know the places the most beautiful places and typical food in China.
We recommend to you That if you are a person That you love the nature , history and the food.
do not forget to visit These beautiful places .


One. travel cost to peking pretoria € 997.72

Two . the nature park

Three . the historic places

Four . the typical food


You must bear in mind to travel to China

You must have visa of the emabajada China

Gives Maximum 60 days demurrage

The cost of one tourist visa 42 €

some places in China has prohibited the Access

There are no obligatory vaccines
¿You want to know something of the history of CHINA?
The Chinese wall was constructed during the reign of the First Emperor of the dynasty Qin His current form was made during the dynasty Ming was reformed in periods : 208 adC for the dynasty Qin, during the 1st century for the dynasty Han, in the years 1138 and 1198 in the period of the Five Dynasties and Ten reinosen 1368 by the Ming dynasty.

Constructed more than 2000 years is one of the biggest marvels of the world that does not have any comparison in 22 centuries of existence. There along 7300 km over the whole China: from the mountains of Korea up to the Desert Gobi, was constructed initially to protect a former Chinese empire in opposition to the tribes were marauding for the north. But there turned into something much bigger an architectural jewel of great majesty.
The great Chinese wall is an emblem of the Asian country,because is to one of the marvels of the world the UNESCO in 1987 was declared humanity heritage, at present 21.916,18 kilometres of constructions.

The Temple of the sky is the major temple of class in China. It was constructed in the year 1420 and both the dynasty Ming and the Qing used it for to pray by the crops in spring and to give them thanks to the sky the fruit obtained in autumn From 1998 it is considered to be A Heritage of the Humanity by the UNESCO.

The Temple is placed in the park Tiantan Gongyuan, to the south of the city of Beijing. The Temple is actually a set of buildings, in the northern part the Lounge of Prayer places for the Good Crop, in the southern part, the Circular Altar and the Imperial Vault of the Sky.

The set is surrounded with an interior wall and exterior other one formed by a rectangular base that means the land and finished off with forms rounded to symbolize the sky. The walls divide the enclosure in two zones: the interior and exterior.
The circular altar or altar of the sky is a construction opened that connects with the Lounge of the Prayer for the Good Crop by means of a way of stone and brick of more than 350 meters of length. Constructed in 1530, the altar consists of three concentric terraces surrounded with a few guardrail white marble.
Every stretch of the stairs that lead to the high of the altar they are formed by 9 echelons because the Chinese consider to be the number 9 the number of the good luck. The special acoustics of the place allows that if someone speaks from the center of the altar, the sound and listen to all angles

Chinese Dishes
Welcome here I will show a section of our magazine , we see here the most important Chinese dishes and some ingredients .
Among the Most popular dishes of Chinese cuisine we can mention:
The dim sum :
Very popular in traditional fast food shops of China. The dim sum is nothing but mid afternoon snack can be eaten That together with green tea . They come in several varieties and contents : beef , chicken , tofu, shrimp , egg , seaweed , vegetables and more , being the only thing That unites them steaming thereof .

Abalone on bed of lettuce :
This mollusk is cooked with various vegetables and champiniones . As the name suggests is served on lettuce . As is customary in Chinese gastronomy ginger and other spices are added Siew Yhok . Roasted pork steamed food is a very desired by tourists
The shark fin soup :
Although the name May be unattractive , This delight of China, it is Certainly one of the Most famous dishes of the region . It is True that it is a very controversial and unpopular dish Among Animal advocates , as fishing When flap is cut and the rest of the animals is discarded at sea .
Youtiao :
Pan fried typical Chinese breakfast . You could say it's like hotcakes Perhaps more específicamente or batons . It is slightly salty and is Usually Accompanied by rice congee or soy milk .

Rice congee is a type of rice is served as a That mush . Usually eaten as breakfast or mid-morning snack .
The Zong :
Well known in the world . This dish is made from bamboo leaves That are stuffed with glutinous rice . Cooking can be steamed or boiled .
Shahe Fen :
glutinous noodles typical of the Canton region . His version of south China is Known worldwide ....

The valley of nine villages or valley Jiuzhagou is a nature reserve located in Sichuan's province, to the southwest of China. Heritage of the humanity has been declared by the UNESCO in the year 1992. This place has valleys, waterfalls, mountains and high lands of forests virgins, specifically seventeen waterfalls, forty seven source and hundred fourteen lakes that occupy seven hundred twenty square kilometres in its entirety.
Valley of nine villages
There to present four stations: in spring are observed the flowers of all the colors, in the main blue, yellow, purples and a varied tonality of green; in summer the caníferos begin to bloom and start changing color the leaves it expires; in autumn the thick forests of the valley start acquiring tonalities you were gilding and reddish; in winter the waterfalls, lagoons and sources freeze
In general his climate is moderated, it is advisable to take clothes that it could shelter, since sweater, jacket, gloves, cap, and scarf also jeans, sweatshirt or sports clothes, for the trek. In this valley they live hundreds of birds and two of the species most threatened in China: the giant panda and the golden monkey, the persons who reside there in the main are ready to count the legends of gods and warriors.
Thank you for choosing
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