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How to Act and Dress in a Job Interview

No description

Jennifer Albat

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of How to Act and Dress in a Job Interview

Make a First Impression After the Interview in a formal business environment How to Act and Dress
in a Job Interview Dress to Impress During the Interview Be nice to the receptionist or the first person
that greets you. They will report on your behavior
when you first enter the office. Be courteous and
respectful. "I don't want to smell you before
I see you." Go easy on the perfume
or cologne. Reach out with a firm handshake.
The web of your hand should meet
the other, then grip. Be Early! Do a trial run the day
before at the same time so you
know what to expect of the
traffic. Make sure your hands are clean
and not dry. Grease monkeys...clean
under those nails! Ladies, keep jewelry to a minimum. You don't want a clunky ring or bracelets when shaking hands. This will be a distraction and will take away from what you're saying. And yes, if you wear a skirt you need to wear pantyhose. It's old fashioned, but you never know with whom you'll be interviewing. Closed toe shoes are also a good idea. Gentleman, wear a jacket and tie. Be sure your shoes are polished. Conceal tattoos and take out piercings. Watch for nervous twitching.
Don't fidget or tap feet. Don't nod persistently. Sit up straight and confident.
Ask thoughtful questions. Don't talk about money or benefits. Maintain good eye contact, but don't stare. Do not cross your arms or fold your hands. These are both defensive positions. It will make you look like you are not a person open to new ideas. Use good grammar. Avoid words
like"yep" and "um". When the interview is complete, shake hands one more time and thank them for their time. Send a hand-written thank you note. This puts your name across the person's desk one more time.
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