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Green and Gold Milaria

No description

Jordon Harrington

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Green and Gold Milaria

Green and Gold Malaria

By Rupert McCall
Green and Gold Malaria
Rupert McCall’s poem “Green and Gold Malaria” is a great example of Australians’ pride and spirit that has configured. McCall describes himself as ill so he seeks advice from a doctor. As his condition was peculiar, the doctor asked about when he mainly felt his symptoms. The poet began aphorism the times Australians’ have been most proud spirited for their country. The doctor defined his illness as “green and gold malaria”, meaning being infected with aussie pride.

Rupert McCall
Rupert McCall was born in 1970 in Queensland, with the birth name Jason McCall. He is a retired solicitor who left the legal profession to become a full time poet.
Poetry allows us to express our emotions and spark imagination. Rupert McCall expresses the passion he has for his country, Australia, in the poem “Green and Gold Malaria”. The poet used the poetic techniques of metaphor and colloquial language to communicate the theme of national pride in this poem.
Theme of the Poem
A metaphor is a vivid description that is not literally true, but is used to create an image.
Metaphor is a poetic technique employed by McCall to foreground the theme present in the poem.
The name of the poem itself – “Green and Gold Malaria” – is a metaphor. It is an interpretation of aussie pride. Numerous examples of metaphors are used whilst the poet explained when he felt his symptoms.

This particular poetic technique helps to portray the theme present in the poem as it describes aussie pride as a disease.
Colloquial Language
In addition to metaphor McCall uses colloquial language to link this poem to Australia. Colloquial Language is the use of slang or informal language.
Colloquial Language
The words “cop it sweet”, “crook”, “doc” and “gonna” are great examples of Australian colloquial language and how Australians use slang in their everyday language.
Colloquial Language
As the theme of the poem relates to Australia, the poet uses colloquial language to relate Australian readers to the poem.
In conclusion, McCall uses the poetic techniques of metaphor and colloquial language to emphasize and relate Australian readers to the theme of the poem, Australian pride and spirit.
This well written poem is a fantastic example of Australia’s strong spirit and would have an excellent appeal to Australian readers.
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