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Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Julius Caesar?

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hailey clark

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Julius Caesar?

Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Julius Caesar?
Hailey Clark, Sierra Robinson, and Sydnee Stephens
Cassius had stabbed him as well..
Along with the other men, Cassius had physically killed Caesar by stabbing him. (Act 5, scene 1, page 5, Spark Notes).
It was a shock to Caesar that Brutus had stabbed him as well, for Brutus was a loyal man. Little does he know Cassius was the one who had convinced him it was 'for the good of Rome' (Act 3, scene 1, page 5, Spark Notes) "Eh tu Brute?"
After the death of him, Cassius had implored, “Some to the common pulpits, and cry out, Liberty, freedom, and enfranchisement!” (Act 3, scene 1, page 5 spark notes).
Not only had he gotten them to grow hatred and jealousy of Caesar, he had convinced loyal Brutus to be apart as well. He had Casca plant letter for Brutus to persuade him to murder.
Casca had mentioned that with Brutus involved, the people will understand more that it was for good.
(Scene 1, Act 3, 157-160 Spark Notes) “he sits high in all the people’s hearts, / And that which would appear offence in us / His countenance, like richest alchemy, / Will change to virtue and to worthiness”
Many Roman Senators had turned against Caesar and had stabbed him in the back. There were eight men involved in the planning of this murder. Although, One Roman had played quite a bigger role than the rest.
Cassius was the instigator of the whole conspiracy, he had turned the other men against him, and he also had physically stabbed Caesar.
The Instigator..
Cassius hated Caesar and his gaining power. He had wanted to kill him and is arrogance. Although, he couldn't kill somebody as great as Julius Caesar.
Therefore, he had constructed a murder involving many other men.
(Page 921 Line 153 Book) "Then leave him out." was the first, small suggestion to killing him.
Cassius had convinced eight men to join him against Caesar..
Caesar could be blamed for his own. His arrogance had caused him to ignore the warnings he had recieved about the plan. Nevertheless, there wouldn't need to be warnings if Cassius had not put the murder together. If there were no plan to kill Caesar, he wouldn't have died for ignoring some signs.
To sum it up..
Cassius had played the biggest role in the death of Julius Caesar. He had created the plan to murder him, as well as getting all the men to turn against him and become apart of the plan. Also, he had actually stabbed him physically.
Killing Julius Caesar
Thank You
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