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Library Media

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Peacocks

Interesting Facts
Some people have peacocks as pets. The peacocks is one of the biggest flying birds in the world.If you look at the peacocks feathers from one angle and then you turn to look at them from a different angle the feathers change colors from what they were before.The peacocks also do not make pretty sounds.
What They Eat
Peacocks eat all kinds of things they do not just eat animals and they do not just eat plants they eat both. Peacocks eat insects and other little animals. They also eat plants.
Peacocks have many predators. Some of them are tigers and leopards. Peacocks sleep in trees so they will be safe from predators. Also when they see danger they will fly into a tree and hide.
Female peacocks are called Peahens. Male peacocks are called peacocks. The males are technically only called peacocks female peacocks are not called peacocks. When peacocks get in big groups called parties. Peacocks are also called peafowl. The scientific name for peacocks is Pavo Cristatus. Peacocks familys are called bevy.
Where They Live
Peacocks are usually found in India and Asia. They are also found in Africa and Australia. Peacocks were first found in Asia. They are also found in desserts.
Their Predators
What They Are Called
Their Babies

Female peacocks lay three to five eggs.
One day after the babies are born they can eat, drink and walk by themselves. The baby peacocks hatch after twenty eight days.

About Peacocks
Peacocks usually live to be about twenty years old. Sometimes they live to be older though. The male peacock is twice the size of the female peacock.Peacocks are known for there beautiful, colorful tails.
By: Addison Houser
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