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Why You Should Be A Federalist

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Demi R

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Why You Should Be A Federalist

Protection of the People's rights
Another reason why you should be a Federalist is because a strong, national government would protect the rights of the people. The Anti-Federalists say they like the people but stick with us you will be better.
Articles of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation were weak. They gave no help to the people. They were ineffective. If you don't get taxed then you don't get paid if you don't want to get paid be an Anti-Federalist
You should be a Federalist for many reasons. To find out these reasons explore the other circles!!!
Why to be a Federalist
Federalists - Well educated and wealthy. Most lived in settled areas along the seaside.
You should be a Federalist because if all the states had separate rulers like the Anti-Federalists want no state would have any power over each other. If say Virginia and North Carolina are fighting nobody could stop them because nobody would have more power.
Equal States Power?
Why You Should Be A Federalist
One famous federalist was George Washington. Who does not like General George? He won a war for us! We all know how he fights. Do you really want to fight him because you are not with him?
Famous Federalists
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