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EDDM - Step By Step

No description

Travis Kennelty

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of EDDM - Step By Step

Direct Print Online - Decoding EDDM Every Door Direct Mail - Baby Steps Register and Sign In http://www.usps.com/eddm Select a size and download your template... Go To:
http://www.directprintonline.com/products/postcards Size Selection Options are available from the pricing calculator Be sure to Select bundles of 50!!! From The Pricing Calculator Select Paper,
Print Colors, Coating, & Turnaround or http://www.directprintonline.com/products/postcards-digital Select approved sizes from drop down list From the file setup tab you can download all needed project templates. Step 1 USPS requires all projects be in bundles of 50 or 100.
These bundles will significantly reduce the amount of time required to sort out the mailing by carrier route Placing Your EDDM Print Order: Estimating Final Cost Enter Zip Code Click To Get Shipping Rates Click To Print or Save PDF Estimate Calculates Shipping Prints or Saves PDF estimate Place your order or place items in your shopping cart After Clicking Place Order You will see this screen Here you will review your order, give the Job a name, select your shipping options and review your final order. Your order will take 3-7 days for production after proof approval depending on the turnaround option you selected for your order. You can expect another 2 days of freight after shipment. Now we will dig into what you need to do to make this move smoothly through USPS After You have ordered the EDDM project, you will be prompted to upload art. Your designer needs to overlay the art onto the template you downloaded for the size EDDM project you selected. If the sizing is wrong, your art will need to be modified at your expense. BUT, this will never happen because you downloaded the correct template in advance!!

Ideally we will receive PRINT READY PDFs or Adobe Illustrator files with outline fonts. This is the artwork upload utility. There are several options depending on your project and how files were built. Click Use The Tool Now Enter Street Address, City and State or Zip Code Now click Search Enter an Address or zip code.
Now click the small little blue button to show Mailing Options. Mailing Options Button These options help you refine your search Download Here: https://www.usps.com/business/pdf/quick-reference-guide.pdf Next is a great USPS EDDM Reference Guide for art development.... Now that your search is refined, let's quickly review the EDDM retail guidelines and a few pro tips before you start to select carrier routes for your project. 2 - You can pay for a maximum of 5000 pieces of EDDM postage per day using the online system. 3 - You can however drop more than 5000 pieces per day, but no more then 5000 to any one post office location on any given day. 1 - Correct EDDM postage indicia is critical. Be sure to review the quick reference guide thoroughly. Here's a good example.... Here's another example. For an order of 20,000 EDDM mailers and you want them to go out within a 2 mile radius of your location. You order the postage for up to 5000 pieces 1 day at a time for 4 days the week prior to your PO drops. Then on the week of delivery you might make 6 PO drops on day 1 and 1 PO drop on day 2. The second day drop was only becuse you had more than 5,000 pieces that needed to go to the same zip code. Depending on how you order, could manage drop 20,000 pieces in 1 day. 4. IF you want to apply for a bulk mail permit, you can avoid this, pay more postage, and drop all of the pre-sorted mailings to the Bulk Mail Entry Unit. Your postage inidcia would be updated on your artwork accordingly. Remember, with EDDM unless you are runinng multiple campaigns, everything you print will be exactly the same. For Consideration

If your mail drop is in the Milwaukee Area, Direct Print Solutions can manage this entire process on your behalf. If your mail drop will be outside of the Milwaukee area, you will need to manage route sorting and PO drops on your own, so this guide will be even more important to your efforts. OK, now you've put a lot of thought into your campaign. Now it is time to select the carrier routes. To do a radius search you will need to enter the full address. The USPS tool is exceptional at highlighting routes so you know the exact location of every route you select. As close as possible to 5000 selected Selected Routes in Blue We recently did a project of 5,000 pieces but due to the client's marketing objectives the job required 3 PO drops. Remember, no order will work out perfectly. It is unlikely you will be able to coordinate postage to match perfectly with the number of EDDM postcards you purchased. If you approach EDDM postage buying with the objective of making as few PO drop as possible and in as few days as possible, you will make big progress towards maximizing program efficiency. You will quickly find however that some routes and Zip codes are much bigger or smaller than others. When a project requires that more than 5,000 pieces drop to the same zip code, you cost yourselft a day. Drop 50,000 across 10 zip codes and you could drop 50,000 in one day, but you have to stop at 10 or more different Post Offices in that same day. Click to place your order in the shopping cart or checkout A good example never hurt anyone Note: Radius search only when you enter an address Next is a perfect example of EDDM retail art done Correctly. This next slide shows a 6.5" x 9" piece printed 2 sided. Notice that you can fill the entire piece with art, but simply cover up a few small elements with the rectangle on the lower right and postage indicia on the upper right. There is a regulation that you cannot have the rectangular bar fall over the imaginary half line. It is the same imaginary line with horizontal or vertical orientation. Here it is again...

https://www.usps.com/business/pdf/quick-reference-guide.pdf You have now ordered your printing and placed the order for your postage and carrier routes.

Now you need to prepare for pre-sorting the mailings per carrier route. If this is done wrong you could find yourself at the post office more than a little upset because they won't accept your mailing. So, pay attention... After you ordered the postage and carrier routes click "Print All Forms Now" This PDF is generated after you click Print All Forms Now If you hover your mouse in the bottom right you will be given print and save options. Click this to save the PDF for your records When you are ready to do the mail pre-sort, go ahead and print off the Post Office Locations and Drop Information PDF document(s). For EDDM retail each document will represent a MAX of 5000 pieces. The prior example was for a total of 4941 pieces and required drops at 3 PO locations. Now that you have your forms printed, you can get started sorting. Because you ordered your project in bundles of 50 your time investment should be about 15-20 minutes per 5000 pieces. If you forget to bundle, this will take you 2x - 3x longer. A big bag of Size 64 rubber bands will also be required. The Route Lists Will be your sorting guides Each route list represents 1 Zip Code Sort per route or zip code. If for example you have a route with 535 mailboxes you would include 10 bundles of 50 plus 35 rubber banded to one of your bundles of 50 along with the facing slip for that carrier route.... Be Sure to fill out these fields You need to have a facing slip present for every carrier route!!! The next form (PS Form 3587 or EDDM drop form) will need to be submitted with every PO drop. If you are dropping a total of 10,000 pieces at 4 different Post Offices, you will submit one of these forms along with your drop to each PO. This is what you give the USPS representative at the counter to process your order. If you paid online this will also act as your proof of payment. MAKE SURE TO GET A PRINTED RECEIPT FROM THE CASHIER!! This is your proof. Save time and fill these out in advance Helpful Hints 1 - Sort, bundle, and prepare 1 zip code at a time. 4 - Re-use the boxes your order was shipped in. Done right this will be plenty to execute an organized mail sort. You can load multiple sorted routes into the same box just as long as the routes are in the same zip code. 2 - Keep sorted zip codes seperate along with their facing slips and EDDM payment form. 3 - When loading for delivery, pre-plan your route and load your vehicle accordingly. Load the last drop first and the first drop last. Last, But Most Important If all else fails, just like this step-by-step guide, we're here to help you. Feel Free to Call or email with questions!! 414-810-2336 customerservice@directprintonline.com This is where you select the carrier routes Make route selections with simple check marks
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