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Final Portfolio

No description

Mark Palace

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Final Portfolio

Gildan produces and manufactures wholesale and branded clothing through its extensive global partnerships Statesville is the official GOLDTOE Headquarters

(Where I worked) Statesville is the GOLDTOE Headquarters GILDAN is a multi-national corporation, Headquartered in Montreal. The company has been consolidating locations - Statesville is not yet listed! SoleUtion Sock Brand
(A Gildan Brand) Mark Palace
Brand Ambassador Internship Supervisor:
John Ceneviva

Fall 2012 139 E. Broad Street
Statesville, NC 28677 With this addition, Gildan Acquired GOLDTOE brand's sock lines along with its licensed sock brands In a move to acquire improved brand positioning, Gildan purchased GoldToeMoretz from Blackstone Holdings in the late 2000s. With the Acquisition, GILDAN maintains around 30,000 employees worldwide Gildan is an “activewear” brand in the screenprint market in the U.S. and Canada. It manufactures and produces a variety of plain clothing items. The company has 11 different branches -Much of the textile industry is going overseas

-Roughly 2/3 of all offices/centers for Gildan are outside of the United States

-Outside of sales and administration, most of the sock industry is outsourced to foreign producers

-Key Competitors:
Polo Ralph Lauren
Calvin Klein
Perry Ellis
Nike I successfully wrote at least two comments per week about potential process improvements at Gildan. Again, it was difficult near the end, because some problems were more obvious than others, but it was definitely stretching. At the beginning of the internship, I was unsure what to expect. This was my first indoor/desk job, so I was concerned I would have to do cold-calling day in and day out. I was intimidated by working around experienced business veterans. I was afraid to take initiative since it was a real business with real consequences to my actions - not just a simulation or academic drill.

At the end of my internship, I grew a lot in confidence and initiative. After my direct supervisor 's contract ended, I was forced to make a lot of decisions on my own intuition and knowledge. I quickly realized that the entire initiative of the SoleUtion sock program fell on my shoulders and I was more knowledgeable on the new product than the other marketers. Having the cold-calling experience also built my communication and confidence as well.

I was shocked by how few people did so many important roles within the brand. It was cool to accept a similar responsibility for my SoleUtion brand of socks. GOLDTOE Brand recently launched a line of diabetic and compression socks to appeal to a growing demand and demographic.

The company needed to generate interest and leads for the SoleUtion brand of socks. Not many people in the company had time to invest in jump-starting the SoleUtion sock program, so they hired two interns to fulfill this role, especially since the hired consultant's contract was set to expire.

My role was to discover more specifically the kinds of potential buyers and markets for the product. I had to research and cold-call companies to build interest in the line and try to generate new customers. Eagerness to Learn
Especially being in my first professional setting, I felt very eager to learn more about the company. My second goal of learning from a new employee every week helped this immensely. I always needed to learn in order to be more confident in cold-calling. I never stopped wanting to learn and take the most from the internship experience.
Critical Thinking
I definitely felt strongest in analyzing consumer reactions and potential markets. This was easy since I enjoy considering ways to improve processes. I was definitely able to improve upon this aspect through my secondary project.
This was less of a strength in the beginning, but definitely improved as time went on. I was very focused on doing my job well and in accomplishing what they hired me to do, but after I gained more autonomy, I was able to take more initiative in problem solving and finding work to do. The most important skills that I learned during my internship with GoldToeMoretz were initiative, organization, and analysis.

I learned initiative through having to investigate the slow sock performance in a particular retailer as well as problem solving in marketing the SoleUtion line. In order to effectively accomplish both of these tasks, I quickly learned to organize gathered information from interviews, data, and data analysis, and to create a call-log database. Thus, unwittingly, one of my first tasks as an intern was to create an information system to transform raw national retailer data in a usable and valuable information system for GOLDTOE to utilize in the future. Furthermore, I grew immensely in both my Excel skills and personal organization systems. In both of these situations, I was able to boost my analytical skills in both determining problems for the socks in the specific retailer and in discovering potential retailers or consumer industries.

All three of these skillsets are crucial in marketing. Creativity is fostered by the initiative to discover problems and search for solutions. In marketing, one of the most important additions to the value chain is the creative tenacity and internal initiative to problem solve before problems arise. This is a key skill not only in marketing, but many other business functions as well. There are also many brands and styles managed by marketers, all of which need to be effectively organized in order to properly analyze. Finally, analysis is crucial to being able to assess why numbers may be falling or what to do about their lack of performance. The position this summer provided a great opportunity to hone many of the skills that I will find valuable in the future.

My internship this summer did not result in a position at the company. However, the skills learned and the experiences gained at GOLDTOE have given me greater resources and direction for my future career. I loved being able to use creative thinking and problem solving mixed with data analysis. I plan to search for ways to utilize these qualities in a position. I realized if I have too much of one of them, I feel drained and less productive. I also liked having more autonomy and responsibility to take initiative. In the future, I plan to find a position in which I can experience this to a high degree. While organization does not excite me, I know that I do not have to shy away from multi-faceted positions from an organizational standpoint. I definitely feel capable of overcoming organizational challenges in the future. Take initiative by asking co-workers about aspects that could be improved in the company The Set-Up: Goals
Meet at least five people in the company, find out about their roles, understand their value addition to the company Try at least three different functions/projects over the course of the summer Generate at least four comments per week (pro or con) about working at Gildan Write at least two comments per week about potential process improvements at Gildan Whenever I got the chance, I took opportunities to ask different people in the office what they thought about business and how things worked after being bought by Gildan. About halfway through the internship, my supervisor was not around as much so my role to be a brand ambassador for one of our brands of socks fell wholly on the other intern and my shoulders. It wasn’t that daunting because we had enough time to gain our confidence and a feel for how things worked, but the project and other projects I had depended on my initiative to make it happen. Almost every week I learned an employee's role within the organization. I talked to salespeople, sock designers, IT workers, marketers, an account specialist, the Sales Administration leader, a Retail Outlet planner, a forecaster, the secretary, and the eCommerce head. They all offer very interesting insights into how the business works and how each person contributes. I did a lot of cold-calling and sales, data collection and analysis, and marketing-scheme analysis. I worked on figuring out how to best position and market SoleUtion socks. I have also done a project to work on some basic financial auditing. I was able to consistently generate at least four comments per week about working at Gildan. It was challenging to come up with new ones every week, but it forced me to think outside the box Initiative Confidence Technical Knowledge (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Eagerness to Learn Critical Thinking Voicing Concerns Confidence
Similar to initiative, I was nervous initially in a foreign setting mixed with people who were established in the company for years. I was afraid to bother other people at the office. As I got more familiar with the people, processes, and experiences with the position, I became a lot more self-confident in my abilities and willingness to make things happen and speak with confidence. It definitely grew as a result of my role in the company.
Technical Knowledge
This was my least strongest point going into the internship and the point which most often led to some lack of confidence. My eagerness to learn definitely helped resolve this weakness to the point that I was not afraid of potential questions retailers might ask during phone calls. It was very weak at first, but much better near the end.
In my primary role, I contacted over 200 unique retailers of all sizes to sell SoleUtion socks. I sent samples and developed forms for these companies as well. My secondary role was to investigate and analyze why socks in a particular retailer were underperforming. In this assignment, I discovered that, aside from contributing external factors, current marketing schemes were falling behind competitors in the retail settings. I talked to several key representatives within GOLDTOE, analyzed data, and visited several retail stores. I presented my findings to the Vice President and President of Marketing at the end of the internship. Summary: In the summer of 2012, GoldToeMoretz hired two interns to take on the challenge of undertaking a "grassroots" marketing scheme of a newly formed line of diabetic and compression socks. The resulting internship allowed for intensive initiative and responsibility in lead generation, cold-calling, marketing scheme analysis, and raw financial data analysis. The result was over 200 unique potential retailer leads, presentations and recommendations to top marketing executives, and powerful new skillsets. Strengths and Weaknesses
Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Role and Accomplishments New Understandings
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