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DO PD - Jigsaws!

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of DO PD - Jigsaws!

Class Profile - Yale
2.4A Routines, procedures
and transitions

3.2B Cognitive level of student
learning experiences

3.3A Academic Discourse

Experimenting with different kinds of Jigsaws
Students identified
main ideas and supporting details
related to their assigned topic.

Chinese and Korean influence on Japan
: Students answered an
open-ended question
why does a cultural influence matter?

3. Commerical, Agricultural and Technological developments in China:
Students identified and shared
evidence of progress
found in the texts.
Final Presentation :)

-North Carolina Digital History
-The Teaching Channel
-Data collected from in-class activities
Next Steps
-Front-load key terms
students read abstract texts

-Assign group roles when students meet back with original groups.

-SYNTHESIS: Take an extra day for students to create a project using every member's expertise!
16 boys, 12 girls

Incredibly intellectual...not
as strong at following directions!

Overall, students take work seriously.
Focus Student - Alex M
-Auditory Processing
-250 ELA minutes, 90 Math minutes weekly

If I incorporate
as text-based
activities, will students in Yale be able
to answer rigorous, open-ended questions
(as measured by Exit Ticket responses
and class discussions) by the end
of our China Unit while
using evidence from texts?
Inquiry Question
Students were unable to succeed on Exit Tickets that required knowledge of all topics presented.

Each time, students did not become the experts on all topics that I hoped they would be :/

Students with IEPs were not supported as much as I thought they would be.

Reflection & Next Steps
1. In order for jigsaws to be successful, I have to allow for more
of information before assessing.

2. My jigsaws were not very rigorous on their own...they would benefit from an additional day or two spent on an
extension project

3. For more abstract texts, frontloading
key terms
is essential!

4. This is a LOT of content for students with IEPs to keep track of! I can support them by
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