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Elena Hyatt

No description

Susan Baker

on 9 May 2018

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Transcript of Elena Hyatt

Nuer Tribe
an African Tribe
Elena Hyatt

Southern Sudan, Africa. Around Nile River, Bahrel Ghazal and Sobat Rivers. Extending up to the Sobat across the Ethiopian border. Lake No is around the center of Nuer area.

Cultural Factors

Living patterns are different according to the time of year. They build temporary houses and shelters only. marriage is not official till you have 2 babies. Cattle is a big part of their lives.


They scar themself and its called gaar. It's part of initiation into adulthood. Common patterns are 6 lines on forehead and dots.


Extensive military conflict has made them become more politically active

Women Clothing
Woman wear toob which is a wrap around cloth worn on top of a shirt and skirt or pants. It covers the entire body. It can be any color or design.

Men Clothing
Men wear a long loose fitted robe called a jalabiya and a piece of head wear (a turban or skullcap). All articles of clothing are mostly light colors or brown


The Nuer tribe eats red pepper, spices like garlic, pepper, and durra. Also Corn stew is one of their main dishes.


Nuer homes are made out of straw and clay. They are also not very big

The Flag
Other Facts
The flag has three horizontal bands. the colors of those bands are. Black on the top, red in the middle, and green on the bottom. The red band is outlined in white. And on the left of the flag a blue isosceles triangle contains a gold, five-pointed star.
More About The Flag
The black on the flag represents the people of South Sudan. The red represents the blood shed in the struggle for freedom. The green represents the verdant land. And blue represents the waters of the Nile. Lastly the gold star represents the unity of the states making up South Sudan

What the Flag Look Like
Cites Used
Women desire to have six children. And men may have multiple wives, who do not necessarily live close to each other. But they will all live in the area of the husband's clan.The Nuer language is a Nilotic language closely related to the speech of the Dinka and the Atwot.

Other Pictures

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