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Cinco de Mayo

El Proyecto de Español

Heather Mahoney

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Cinco de Mayo

Food Tamales (Filled pastries) Sopas (soup) AND CINCO de MAYO CINCO de MAYO: NOT Mexican independence day!! Has nothing to do with it Celebrates the victory of the Mexican troops at the battle of Puebla VIPs Napoleon III Not this one Vote for Pedro Leader of France who wanted to expand his domain Porfirio Diaz Background Info: So right now we're going to back up a bit.... If you know your history, which you should, you'll remember that Mexico just got out of a war, gaining their independence from Spain... General of the calvary unit for Mexico CELEBRATING IN MEXICO Traditions in America Dancing good guy :) Bad guy /:( But.. because they had to pay people, like France, to help them, they stocked up quite a bit of debt.... Mexican Hat Dance Jarabe Tapatio Because they couldn't afford to pay at the moment, President Benito Juarez suspended their payment.... Mexican food festivals dancing France ended up being a little bit too impatient to get their money and decided to invade, thinking they could easily take Mexico.... When Mexico surprisingly held their ground, the Battle of Puebla began.... Atole (Porridge) cookies Mole Poblano Chalupas Desfiles (Parades) The Battle... (Dun, Dun, Dun) Benito Juarez Guacamole The French left for the city of Puebla in the early morning of May 5th,
because France was soooo certain it would win, Preident of Mexico in 1861 tacos Maximilian At the same time, determined to not give up, President Benito sent General Juarez and a group of loyal men to Puebla to reinforce the city. With their army well-nourished and armed with supplies of heavy artillery, the French began their assault of the city. Napoleon told him to be Emperor of Mexico Turned out great... CHURROS!! The battle only lasted to early evening. By then the French had given up and used up all of their weapons. The fortified walls of Puebla kept all major damage out. All in all, it wasn't honestly a big physical battle. Battlefield Today Today this battlefield is a park in the city of Puebla There is a statue of General Zaragoza riding a horseback. What once was a terrible place of death and destruction is now a peaceful place. Hint: They lost The american traditions are similar to the mexican traditions. Cinco de Mayo is a bigger deal in America that it is in Mexico. The parades consist of lots of dancing, mariachi bands, vibrant colors and a great time. Parades are a big part of celebrating and everyone is involved. But no mexican celebration is complete without food and lots of it. By: Maria Kovach, Luna Stasa, Sofia Calandrino, Brezo Mahoney, and Cristal Marzluft
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