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Kenneth Lieu

on 27 December 2014

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Transcript of Korea

Japanese take over Korea
The UN affects have on Korea
In 1876, Korea is forced to sign the Kangwha Treaty. The first step to the Imperialisation of Korea
Why Korea accepted the Treaty
This all happened during the
Industrial Revolution
Korea had fears of being assimilated into western culture
The Treaty said it would recognize Korea as an independant state, equal in power as Japan
The Korean War from 1950 to 1953 was the most severe test the United Nations had to face since its inception in 1945.
How the Industrial Revolution helped Japan dominate
On September 15th 1950, United Nations troops landed in an amphibious assault at Inchon. The landing was a huge success and the United Nations effectively cut the North Korean army in half and pushed them out of South Korea.
When the war is over South Korea became more westernize under the influence of the UN and mostly the United States.
When North Korea suddenly invaded South Korea on June 25th 1950 the UN held a meeting coincidentally, but they got the news quickly and discussed what they would do. On June 27 the United States called on the UN to use force to stop the North Korean invasion .
The Westerners had began to imperialise other weaker cultures, this included China and Japan
Korea had broke off of China as to not get affected by Western Culture and thought Japan would be better
Korea had not known that Japan was also under Western Power
United States' and Soviet's influence on Korea
What happened to Japan
1853, Commodore Perry at Uraga Harbor.
1854, Forced to sign Convention of Kanagawa, an unfair treaty much like the Kangwha Treaty
1868, Korea had denied Japan's new government since it seemed rude to China
Korea's Annexation
1910, The Korea-Japan Treaty is created as an effect from the Russo-Japanese war. Lasts 35 Years.
Korea is now under full control of Japan till 1945.
Japan forms monopolies in Korea, forces Koreans to move to Japan as labourers. Koreans are drafted to military, women become military sex slaves,
1876, Treaty of Kangwha is signed
1853-1868, Japan is influenced by western forces and takes over Korea.
1904-1905, Russo-Japanese War comes to an end
1939-1945, WWII ends with Japanese surrender, Soviets had occupation in North Korea, USA in South.
1945, 5 days after Japanese surrender, Korea is, unknowingly to Koreans, split along the 38th parallel
1945, Japanese in Northern Korea surrender to Soviets, Southern surrenders to USA.
1948, South Korea declares itself independant, while North Korea gets appointed Kim Il-sung, who started to remove political opposition
1950, North Korea decides to invade South Korea, Korean War starts for 3 years.
1953-Present Time, Korea is split along to 38th Parallel
Five Days before Emperor Hirohito announced Japan's surrender during World War II. The japanese forces located in Southern Korea surrendered to the Americans. US officials Charles Bonesteel and Dean Rusk were task of indicating the postion of US occupation zone. They didn't consult any Koreans on the matter and cut roughly in half ablong the 38th parallel of latitude, keeping the capital city Seoul in the American half. This is now known as South Korea.

The Japanese forces in North Korea surrendered to the soviets. This brought fear into the Americans for the Soviets were communists whilst the Americans were capitalists. This quickly created problems as they were supposed to arrange a nation wide election to reunify Korea in 1948, but niether of the two trusted one another. In the end of it all the Americans appointed an antio communist leader named Syngman Rhee to be in rule of South Korea. The Soviets choose Kim II-Sung as the new leader in North Korea. By 1949 statues of Kim II-sung were built all around North Korea and he had dubbed himself Great Leader.
In 1950 Kim II-sung wanted to reunite Korea as one under communist rule. He then launched invasion onto South Korea, which began the Korean war which killed 3 million Koreans, yet the countries remained in the same positions before the war. Thanks Obama.
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