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Sergio Ramirez

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Democritus

Democritus "Nothing exists except atoms and empty space, everything else is opinion." -Democritus He was one of the first to suggest the existence of atoms, believing they were indivisible and indestructible. Democritus was born around 460 BC in Abdera, Thrace, Greece into a wealthy family. He visited many countries including Egypt, Ethiopia, India, and parts of Asia studying their cultures and seeking knowledge. During his travels, he wrote nearly 70 books. Leucippus is said to have formulated the atomic theory for the universe. He and Democritus were both some of the first atomists. Democritus thought to himself about matter and what would happen if it continued to break in half until the smallest particle of matter was left. He called these atoms. Democritus thought that atoms were similar, but differed in size, shape, mass, position, and arrangement Democritus didn’t do any experiments or have a special microscope. His atoms were an invention of his own imagination. They helped him explain the world, but they weren't used to "discover" new things. Democritus assumed that solid objects were made up of small, pointed atoms. Liquids of large, round atoms and oil of very fine, small atoms that can easily slip past each other http://www.docstoc.com/docs/4581033/democritus-atomic-theory Democritus from Encyclopedia of World Biography. ©2005-2006 Thomson Gale, a part of the Thomson Corporation. All rights reserved. Background: Random Facts: Leucippus: http://planetfacts.org/democritus First Thoughts About Atoms: Ariestatle regarded Democritus as a rival in natural philosophy Leucippus was Democritus's mentor and together they shared many of the same theory's. Although some records show that Leucippus might have not even existed. Unlike Leucippus, Democritus's view of atomism was a deterministic one, he believed that atomic movements followed strict laws. Philosopher: Although they shared some similar views on things, the two had their own ideas Aristotle: Thoughts on What Atoms Might Look Like: http://www.furryelephant.com/content/radioactivity/democritus-lavoisier-dalton http://www.bookrags.com/biography/
democritus/ He was a teacher Nicknamed "The Laughing Philosopher" Sources: First Thoughts on What an Atom Look Like:
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