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Clarke Residence Life Introduction

No description

Kevin Utt

on 19 April 2018

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Transcript of Clarke Residence Life Introduction

Clarke Residence Life
Living in a Community
Residency and Roommate Policies
Residence Halls
Click on the link for detailed information about each residence hall:
What should you bring and what should you leave at home??
Click on the link to access the packing list!
Now that you know what to bring, it's time to purchase everything. Clarke has partnered with a company to simplify your purchasing needs.

All items purchased through this site will be delivered directly to your residence hall room
, so you'll arrive on move-in day with these items waiting for you!

Less space will be taken in your car with the oversized fridge, and you'll have less trips back and forth to the car.
What to Bring
Where To Buy Your Room Essentials
Safety and Security
The Clarke ID Card
Mailing Address, Room Assignment,
Roommate Contact Info, & Meal Plan
MyInfo Link:

Additional Links
Residence Life Webpage
Provides links and information for living on campus
Student Handbook

Comprehensive guide to expectations, policies, and services. Please pay specific attention to General Residence Hall Policies on pages 9 to 15, and the Policies and Procedures section, on pages 25 to 49.
Campus Events Calendar

See the many events going on around campus. It also includes the academic calendar.
Important Dates
June 15
– Room, roommate, and mailbox assignments will be available through MyInfo. To access the information follow this path: Clarke.edu>Current Students>MyInfo>Students>Academic Profile>MS/Meal Plan/Room Info

August 1
- All paperwork from medical professionals regarding special accommodations for housing must have been received for that accommodation to be ready when you move in

August 6
from 1pm to 2pm – Early athlete check in for soccer, and women’s volleyball. To check in, go to your residence hall lobby

August 13
from 1pm to 2pm – Early athlete check in for cross country

August 23
from 9am to noon – New student check in for CONNECT. To check in, go to your residence hall lobby

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