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Gum experiment

No description

Najah Brown

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Gum experiment

Gum Experiment
My question about gum is,
How long can you stretch a piece of gum?
State your hypothesis. Use "if" and "than".
You will need:
-2 unopened pieces of trident(mint)
-2 unopened pieces of Trident (orange)
-A stopwatch or timer to measure the time.
-Some rulers or some yard sticks to measure the length of the gums
-Paper with a chart on it to record your data

Step 1. Collect all of your materials.
Step 2. Unwrap all your gum and leave 1 of each brand on the table to compare it to the stretch gum.
Step 3. Put one of your gum in your mouth chew it for 5 minutes. Use the stopwatch or timer to time yourself.
Step 4. After 5 min is over stretch out the chewed piece of and measure it using our rulers or yard sticks.
Step 5. Record the length of the chewed gum and the gum not chewed of the same brand.
Step 6. Do the same thing for the other brand of gum.
Step 7. Use your data chart information to compare the lengths. subtract the larger length of gum to the smaller length of gum and see which is the largest and by how much it is larger.

I found that the longest piece of stretched gum was the trident (mint). The trident (mint) was 43 1/2 inches long and the Trident (orange) was 38 inches long. 43 1/2-38=5 1/2 inches. So the trident (mint) was the largest by 5 1/2 inches.
Were you right, or
What would you change?
If I could redo or change anything about the experiment I wouldn't change anything. I like the way I did the experiment because I learned a lot from it. I can't think of another way I could do the experiment.
Research your Topic
Things i learned about my topic is,
-Gum is made of rubber called chickle
-Gum can lose its flavor naturally
-Gum is sticky because it is made of rubber and a high amount of sugar

Find information about your topic.
Ask a question about your topic.
My hypothesis is, If I chew then stretch a piece of trident (orange) gum and trident (mint) gum, than trident (mint) will be the longest.
What materials will you need for the experiment?
What steps will you take to complete the experiment?
Tell what happened during the experiment.
My hypothesis was correct because i said that if we stretched the trident (orange and mint), trident (mint would be the longest, and it was.

what would you change about your experiment. what would you try to find?
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