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Water Dance: Dancing Through the Water Cycle

No description

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Water Dance: Dancing Through the Water Cycle

Connection to Nature
Standards: Art
Lesson 1: Water Dance
Objective: Student will have an understanding of the process and parts of the water cycle by creating movements for each part of the water cycle

Lesson Summary
Read Water Dance by Thomas Locker
Have discussion about book with students
Split students into groups
Create movements for each page (one group per page)
Teacher models first page
Lesson 2: Water Cycle Adventure
Objective: Student will have an understanding of the process and parts of the water cycle by creating their own adventure traveling through the water cycle

Lesson Summary
Read The Drip by Gordon Green
Discuss storyline (how many places were visited,when did he find his friend, etc)
Have students write their own adventure through the water cycle
Perform adventure
Art Sample
Art Making: Creating movements to the book Water Dance
Differentiating Instruction
Students with Physical Disabilities
Adapt dance and pantomime for student's most mobile parts
Find ways to involve students in wheelchairs
Use more visuals: pictures, props, gestures, directions
Water Dance: Dancing Through the Water Cycle
Graphic Organizer
Standards: Science
S3.B.3.1.1: Identify the living and non-living components of an ecosystem – living (plants, animals); non-living (water, soil, air)
Art Based Books
Water Dance by Thomas Locker

The Drip by Gordon Green

Core Curricular Area
Subjects: Science, Literacy, Dance
Art making: Dance movements
Art viewing: Paintings in books and viewing dance
Lesson Plan 1: Water Dance movements
Lesson Plan 2: Adventure through the water cycle
The Water Cycle Song
The Drip

Art/Drama Seed Strategy
Water Dance
Students create movement sentences to represent different phases of the water cycle

9.1.3.E: Demonstrate the ability to define objects, express emotions, illustrate an action, or relate an experience through creation of works in the arts
9.1.3.A: Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works in the arts and humanities
9.1.3.H: Handles materials, equipment, and tools safely at work and performance space

Standards: Writing
1.4.3.A: Write poems and stories.
Include detailed descriptions of people, places, and things.
Include literary elements.
1.5.3.D: Write, developing an awareness of style, using a variety of sentence structures, adjectives, precise nouns, and action verbs.

Water Cycle Song
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