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Copy of 'Refresh' presume

Refresh 프레지 대학생 마케터 1기


on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 'Refresh' presume

Social Media
is changing the way
the world communicates 66% of internet users world wide
use social networks, every day Social Media has changed the way
businesses communicate with customers There's a new conversation taking place 1 out of 8couples
married in the world met social media Years to reach 50 million users radio - 38 years television - 13 years internet 4 years i-pod 3 years Facebook added over
200million users in less than a year i-phone application downloads hit
1 billion in 9 months We don't have a choice on whether
we do social media, the question is Then, how about offline ? What do we need more else? The answer is 'DESIGN' 'How well we do it' DESIGN PREZI STORY But now it is bored March April May l Everything you can imagine is real It's about ME And us KIM LEE JAE SON YE EUN NA JUNG HWAN PARK JIN YOUNG JUNG JIN SAE OUR POWER Here is D team for prezi G Activity Plan
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