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The Parable of Unforgiving Servant - Matt 18:21-35

Bible Study at work!

Clayton William

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Parable of Unforgiving Servant - Matt 18:21-35

The Parable of Unforgiving Servant - Matt 18:21-35
A Lesson on Forgiveness..

Disciples came to Jesus
Prerequisites of being a disciple:
Wholeheartedness, Putting God first (Luke 14:26)
Continuance in Word (John 8:31)
Brotherly love (John 13:35)
Fruit-bearing (John 15:8)
Key verse of Matt 18, is v18
Matt 18:21 led to this Parable...
Matt 18:22 - There is no limit or boundaries for forgiveness.
To reinforce the answer given by Jesus in 18:22, he tells this parable..

Part 1 - King shows mercy to his servant by canceling his huge debt (Matt 18:23-27)
Value of debt - 10000 talents
1 denarius was a days normal wage.
1 talent is about 6000 denarii.
Total = 60,000,000 denarii.
What should be done? He be sold, with his wife and children and all that he had, and the payment be made.
Request of the Servant? To have patience with me and I will pay you all.
What did the master do? Forgave him the debt.
Part 2 - That servant in turn refuses to cancel a fellow servant's petty debt (Matt 18:28-30)
Part 3 - Final result: King imposes former sentence, even adding to it.
Lessons from the Parable
Matt 18:35
We are all God's debtors (Rom 3:23)
Only those who are willing to forgive others can be assured that they are indeed forgiven (Matt 6:14-15)
Wrath of God is on the unforgiving person (Rom 1:31)
Develop a forgiving spirit.
Eph 4:32
Example of Joseph - Gen 41:51
"If I say, 'Yes, I forgive, but I cannot forget,' as though
the God, who twice a day washes all the sands on all shores of
all the world, could not wash such memories from my mind, then
I know nothing of Calvary love." (Amy Carmichael)
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