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Julia The History of Money

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on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Julia The History of Money

The History of Money
By Julia
Miss. Voss
4 Grade
Natural Resources
Precious Metal coins
Paper currency
Invisible Money
The needs of mankind have evolved over time
Before people used money they traded.Trading is when you exchange one thing for another thing. for example, people traded for food, minerals, resources and livestock (animals) ext. People traded different things so that people could eat a variety of food. People got healthy because they had other kind of foods to eat . It was more important to travel to change their food. So that they don't get sick. Trading was an important first step on the way to creating money.
In about 1200 BC people stopped trading and stared using natural resources as money. The reason people sopped trading was because it was very hard to transport because it was to heavy. Also people won't trade of what you offered . People carried natural resources as money and also other materials that weren't so hard to find but also not to easy. People agreed the value of the natural resources . Also it was easier to transport and also to trade . Changing from trading to using natural resources was helpful.
1200 BC
In 1000 BC people changed from natural resources to metal coins.people stopped using natural resources because of the value of the object like if you have a big feather and some one has a small feather people side that the value can't be the same value. When people started using coins they were made out of gold ,silver and bonce. people stamped the coins with the president faces . Every body agreed the size and also the value were the same . people could buy much more stuff and also more easier. Metal coins help people have easier life because if people went traveling they could buy things.

people changed from metal coins to paper currency. They changed because they ran out of metal and the coins were to heavy to carry . they started printing on paper to stand for money people used many other materials so that they couldn't get copied. It was easier to carry and to make. People still use coins but paper currency is more popular in the world.
now a days people use money but dollar bills are not used as much people stopped using paper currency because it was easier to be stolen and it could rip of. Invisible money is better because if some one steels you you can call the bank so that they can cancel your credit card. also you can pay electronically it miens that you don't need to go and pay it by currency. That is the last change in the evolution of the money.
9000 and earlier
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