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Jillian Dodge

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Jillian Dodge

Why are girl's lacrosse sticks different that boy's lacrosse sticks?
My Information
equipment in boy's and girl's lacrosse
lacrosse history
rules in lacrosse
Thanks For Watching
In men’s lacrosse there is contact so men have to wear helmets, a mouthpiece, and padded gloves. So if a Crosse (a lacrosse shaft)is going to hit someone in the face they have to wear a helmet or goggles with protective wire in them. In men’s lacrosse other equipment is: cleats to grip ground so they do not fall, shoulder and hip pads, and thick gloves.
Hundreds of years ago Indians played a game called lacrosse. Some other people to play the game were French Pioneers. In 1877 the first collegiate lacrosse team was fielded by New York University. In 1890 in Scotland the first woman’s lacrosse game was played. Lacrosse is the oldest organized sport played by men and woman in North America.One of the most exciting sports around is lacrosse.
If you do not have the ball in men’s lacrosse then you can use a stick check to get the ball. A stick check is when you hit the other person’s stick and knock the ball out. In woman’s lacrosse you cannot do a stick check (it is illegal) so there is no stick check. So in men’s lacrosse you are supposed to cradle in front of you face if anyone checks it, it will be an illegal check. In woman’s lacrosse it is the same way and anyway women do not have a pocket so cradling will help keep the ball in the pocket. In lacrosse it is great if you can catch with your right and left hand so that you can catch on both sides.
All of my information on lacrosse came from the sites: ProquestK12.com and World Book Student.com
The wonderful World of Lacrosse
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