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The Journey so far....

No description

Rayyan Jamal

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of The Journey so far....

a magical night
The 27th of September, 2003 was a magical night. It was this day that I first opened my eyes in this world. I was treated with extreme love and affection right away. My parents cradled my delicate body in their arms with warm smiles on their faces and tears of joy in their eyes. Half an hour after my birth, at 10 pm, I was proclaimed a Muslim and named Rayyan Jamal.
home sweet home
I was the cute first child of my father and my arrival was obviously celebrated. The first time I reached home, I saw that it was adorned with colorful ribbons and balloons. I was also greeted by my aunts and uncles and many other relatives all waiting to see me. They held me in their arms and kissed me on my cheeks and I felt like the most loved baby in the world.
my fear of water
The earliest memory I have is of my visit to a water-park with my maternal aunts and cousins and I remember having a fun time. Another instance I remember is that I went on a water-slide with my mother. My mother held me close to herself as we rushed down the slide and crashed into the water. I was submerged under the water for just about a few seconds but I clearly remember that I felt scared underwater as I couldn't swim or hold my breath and since then I have a mild fear of water also known as Hydrophobia.
the trophy won
Another vivid memory that I still have is of the annual sports-day, an event where students participated in a series of races and the students placed at the first, second and third positions were presented with trophies. I was participating in the three-footed race where my right foot was tied to my partner's left foot and we had to walk fast and try to reach the finish line before the other teams. Our feet were tied together and as soon as a whistle was blown, I started to walk fast and my partner did so as well. Finally we reached the finish line and were placed at second position. I was presented with a trophy and a photograph was taken. I was very jovial and cheerful that day.
a weekend among peafowl
After my maternal uncle was married, he booked a farmhouse for a weekend and invited my maternal aunts (and my mother) with their children and husbands to spend the weekend there and they accepted, obviously. The farmhouse was located near the highway, so we reserved a private coaster for the trip. We enjoyed the whole way and then we finally reached there after an hour's journey. It was a lush place with lots of trees and grass. There were also caged peafowl, monkeys, ducks and many exotic birds. We were also provided with a large swimming pool where we swam the whole day, playing water polo and my cousins also held a challenge where we went underwater and held our breath for as long as we could but I, unfortunately could not win. At night, we all sat by a cozy fire, as it was very cold while singing songs and cracking jokes and the men and my elder cousins prepared grilled chicken. It was very fun.
passionate applause
Now, I shall take you back two years ago when I passed my sixth grade with flying colors. Not only were my grades excellent but I achieved the highest scores in all six subjects. I went wild with happiness when my mother disclosed this great news to me. Sixth grade was special because, although I have been achieving distinctions in multiple subjects in the fourth, fifth and seventh grade, sixth grade was the first time that I had been a high achiever in every single subject. There was as special ceremony held for high achievers like me in an auditorium and our parents were invited as well. The high achievers, including me, lined up according to their names and classes and at their turn, their name along with their result was announced. My heart was throbbing all the way through and finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, my name was announced and I went on to the stage. The parents seated were clapping for the high achievers but when my result was announced, the parents all started to clap so much more loudly. They were cheering for me and the cheers and applause continued for a whole minute. The applause sustained as I was presented with a shield and a gift bag containing books. As my parents were invited for a photograph, I saw them walk proudly towards the stage while other parents congratulated them and I could already see a tear in my mother's eyes. After the photograph was taken, my mother kissed me on my forehead while my father briefly embraced me. As I walked back to my seat, parents congratulated me as well while also patting me on the back and I was making my way back to my seat I realized that I had made my parents extremely proud today.
Last summer, my family planned a trip to Dubai and although the whole trip was amazing, the most amazing moment was when I visited Ski Dubai. Ski Dubai is an artificial indoor snow park constructed inside the Emirates Mall and the park is a massive place with real snow, bone-chilling temperature, hills of snow, fun rides and penguins! We chose a package for our family which included all the rides and interacting with the penguins up close. We were provided with the winter equipment by the Ski Dubai staff after we were geared up we entered the snow park. It was massive with snow all around and it was freezing there but thankfully we had the winter equipment. First we met up close with the cute and cuddly penguins and I also held one up in my arms. After that we had a bird's eye view of the whole place as we enjoyed the chair lift which took us to a terrifying height. Once we were back on the ground, me and my brother had an argument and we expressed the aggression through a snowball fight which I won. Next we went tobogganing, which is a sport where you lay down on a sled and race down a twisting and turning slope. It was very fun and dangerous at the same time. Finally, we went for a ride named giant ball where I and my brother crawled into large transparent plastic balls and then the ball rolled down a slope. Although we were allowed to stay in the park as long as we wanted to, until the park closed down, we had to leave as we already planned a tour of the city of Dubai and thus we had to leave.
This was a short summary of my thirteen years of life, but I still have many years to life, so I plan to enjoy a fun, wild, exciting and pleasant life so that when I am an old man, I would be able to say, 'Yes. It was a good life.'

Thank you.

the journey so far....
BY Rayyan Jamal

snowy hills in dubai
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