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Form4&5 Formal Letter - "Letters of Complaint"

No description

Jing Ma

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Form4&5 Formal Letter - "Letters of Complaint"

Letters of complaint are usually written when people are dissatisfied with products they have purchased or with services and proposals. They may also wish to voice their dissatisfaction about environmental and social issues. Formal Letter
Letters of Complaint Letter of Complaint
-Mention the purpose or the reason why you are writing. Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 -Explain what the problem is.
-Give details of the problem.
-State the inconvenience it has caused. Paragraph 3 -Describe the action that has been taken and how effective
it has been. Paragraph 4 -Mention the type of action that should be taken.
-Give suggestions on how the problem can be solved. Paragraph 5 -Express hope that the complaint will be looked into
and appropriate action taken.
-End your letter with a note of thanks. MODEL SENTENCES
FOR LETTERS OF COMPLAINT Background the situation -I am writing to inform you that the good you
send us did not meet the specifications required.
-I stayed at your hotel for a week last July and
I was dissatisfied with the services.
-I attended your outdoor camp and found it to
be interesting. Unfortunately, there were a number
of organizational problems that spoiled the event.
-I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the
prices of the food and drinks sold at the canteen. Problems/
Complaints -On 14 February 2012, we placed an order with your
firm for 600 units of the thermostat irons. The
consignment arrived yesterday but contained only
450 units.
-I attended your workshop on 12 April 2012 and found
the services far from satisfactory.
-You sent us a bill for RM1650 but it was not the
amount we had agreed upon during our
telephone conversation on 19 July 2012.
-I found that the radio did not function
properly. Effects -The errors put us in a difficult
position as we could not fulfill
our commitment to our customers.
-The participants of the workshop were
disappointed with the services.
-I am therefore, returning the bill to you
for correction.
-I therefore, intend to return the product. Solution -I am writing to ask you to rectify the error
immediately and to ensure that such errors
do not occur again.
-Could you please look into the matter and
let me know the action you will take to
rectify the situation?
-Please send us a new bill for the right
-Please replace the goods as soon as
-I would like a full refund.
-I expect to be compensated for
the inconvenience caused. MODEL SENTENCES
FOR LETTERS OF COMPLAINT Closing -I look forward to a
prompt reply/ a full
-I await your response/
-I eagerly look forward
to hearing from you
-I would appreciate a
reply at your earliest
about high
price of goods -Traders are selling overpriced fruits/ vegetables/ food items.

-Traders are selling items at unreasonable prices.

-Traders fail to display the price tags. -Traders should display
prices so that customers
can compare prices.
-Traders should adhere to laws
and regulations and action
should be taken against violators.
-Traders flouting regulations
should be punished if found
guilty under the Price Control Act.
-Enforcements officers should
conduct regular spot checks. Complaints about services -Quality of service is not up to the mark.

-Service providers do not deliver what they promise.

-High cost of service. -Improving quality of service.
-Ensure that consumers are
not short-changed.
-Bring down the cost.
-Action should be taken
against service providers
who failed to meet
expectations. Complaints about conduct
of staff -Rude and impolite

-Curt behavior

-Not helpful -Give a stern
warning to rude
-Counsel staff on
manners and
-Apologize to clients/
customers. Complaints about uncollected rubbish -It emanates/ emits foul
-Stray animals scavenge
for food. -Rubbish attracts flies
and insects.
-It is unsightly/ an eyesore. -The authorities should
make sure that rubbish is
cleared everyday.
-Residents should buy
dustbins with covers. Complaints
drains -Residents throw left-
over food and other
rubbish into the drains.
-Drains are not cleaned
-Rubbish clogs drains.
-Emits foul smell. -Residents should refrain
from throwing rubbish
into drains. -Town council workers
should clear
clogged drains. Complaints against construction activities -Activities cause
deafening noise.
-Causes migraines.
-Leaves a trail of mud
on the roads.
-Lorries and other
heavy vehicles cause
potholes on roads.
-Causes windows and
walls to be covered
with a layer of dust. -Construction
activities should
not be carried out
after 5 p.m.
-Lorries and heavy '
vehicles should use
alternate routes to the
construction site.
-Workers should make sure
they clear the debris
-Workers should wash the roads. Complaints about the school
canteen -High prices of food
and drinks.
-Same type of food
sold day in and day
out. (lack of variety)
-Lack of hygiene.
-Lack of table/
chairs benches. -Ask the canteen operator
to lower prices.
-Ensure a variety of food is
sold at reasonable prices.
-Conduct spot checks
and check on complaints. -Workers should
wear aprons.
-Food should
be covered. SAMPLE ESSAY

Recipient's Address Salutation
Subject Heading Purpose Details -Brand
-Problem Inconvenience Suggestion to
Resolve the Problem Action Taken Hope
Note a Thanks Complimentary close Signature Exercise: DIRECTED WRITING Many of the students in your school are dissatisfied with the services at your school canteen. You decide to write a letter of complaint to the Principal regarding the matter. In your letter, give reasons for the dissatisfaction and provide the suggestions to improve the services at the canteen. Cleanliness Services COMPLAINTS -Food and drinks
not covered
-Premises not clean Prices and Quality -Food sold at
high prices
-Plenty of junk food -Canteen
workers rude
-Lack courtesy Suggestions Conduct
surprise checks Prices of food items should be displayed Ensure workers observe cleanliness Terminate services of canteen operator if problems persist Stop the sale of junk food Saiful b. Hashim,
48, Jalan 11/3B,
Taman Permai,
08000 Sungai Petani,
Kedah Darul Aman. Start your writing! Exercise: CONTINUOUS WRITING You feel that Malaysians are becoming less civic-minded. Write a letter to a local newspaper expressing your dissatisfaction and urging Malaysians to be more civic-minded. The principal,
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sri Permai,
08000 SYNGAI PETANI. 25 JUNE 2012 Dear Sir,
Unhygienic Conditions of School Cantenn ... ... MODEL
ANSWER Exercise: CONTINUOUS WRITING You are dissatisfied with the inconsideration attitude of Malaysian motorcyclists. Write a letter of complaint to a local newspaper. As a parent, you are concerned about the problem of gangsterism in schools. Write a letter of complaint to a local newspaper voicing your concern. The End.
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