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Isobel Bennett

No description

Caitlin McGraw

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Isobel Bennett

Isobel Bennett
Isobel has been a part of many books such as:
The Fringe of The Sea (Published 1966
On the Seashore (Published 1969)
Shores of Macquarie Island (Published 1971
The Great Barrier Reef (Published 1971)
A Coral Reef Handbook ( Published 1978)
Discovering Lord Howe Island (Published 1979)
Discovering Norfolk Island (Published 1983)
Australia's Great Barrier Reef (Published 1987)
Australia's Deepest Blue Mystery (Published 1932)
Isobel Ida Bennett was born on the 9th of July 1909. She grew up in a suburb in Brisbane called Corinda. Isobel had a twin brother and sister as well as a younger sister. Isobel went to school at Somerville House. She was forced to leave at 16 years of age to enrol at a Business College. Isobel received the Honorary Master of Science Award.
Birth and Education.
When Isobel and her sister went on a P&O cruise their cabin was next to professor Dakin and his wife. Mr Dakin had discovered that Isobel had lost her job and offered her a temporary position at Sydney University. Isobel's position lasted 40 years and in that 40 years Isobel worked as a Departmental Librarian, Demonstrator, Research Assistant and a Secretary. Isobel's first ever project was at the Tuggerah Lakes in northern NSW. At Tuggerah Lakes Isobel mapped and discovered the life cycle of the king prawn. Professor Dakin left for a year and when he came back he decided that Isobel knew enough about animals and was then allowed to start demonstrating to the first year students at Sydney University.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isobel Bennett
http://www,parks.tas.gov.au/fahan mi shipwrecks/journals/Scientists/sobennett8.pdf

Older Years
At 77 years of age Isobel travelled from one end of Australia to the other end.
Isobel received the Mueller medal in 1982. The Mueller medal is an international award presented yearly at the ANZAAS Congress. When Isobel retired she published her books for research and teaching.
Unfortunately Isobel Bennett passed away on the 12th of January 2008 at the age of 98. Isobel had done some remarkable work and it is all greatly appreciated.
Marine Biologist
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