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Preserving Location Privacy in Geosocial Allpicatons

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Mohammed Niyas Parappurath

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Preserving Location Privacy in Geosocial Allpicatons

Interaction relative to geographical locations

Geosocial Applications

Geosocial Applciations
Scenarios and Requirements

Scenario 2
Alice and friends playing location based games

Preserving Privacy
Geosocial Applications
Current Technologies
Preserving Privacy
Preserving privacy
Scenarios and Requirements

Scenario 1
Alice and friends uses friend referral and recommendations

System Design
Track users movements
Economic gain
Physical Stalking
Legal evidence
Introducing errors
Trusted Server
Heavy-weight Cryptography
Basic Design
Each User U in the system chooses set of secretes containing Rotation angle Theta u, a shift bu, and a symmetric key symmu.

Users shares their secrets with friends through trusted channels.
Strong Location Privacy
Location and user unlinkability
Location data privacy
Prior Work on Privacy
Relaying on trusted servers
Location Transformation
Expensive cryptography
Anonymous Communication
System Design
Terminology and Attacker Model
Location Coordinates
Location Data/Info
System and Attacker Model
Basic Design
Overview of LocX
Two mechanisms
Mapping from transformed Location to an encrypted index, i(called L2I)
Mapping from index to encrypted data(called I2D)

Decoupling Data from it's Location
data(x,y) ->
In LocX (x,y) -> (x',y')
data(x,y) -> E(data(x,y))
Decoupling Data
L2I = [(x',y'),E(i)]
I2D = [i,E(data(x,y))]
System Design
Data Storage
User decouples the location data to L2I and I2D
Then user store L2I on index server
Then user store I2D on data server
System Design
Storing L2I on the index server
User transform (x,y) into (x',y') using Thetau and Bu
Transformation preserve the points between points.
User generates random index i and encrypts to Esymmu(i)
Then stores L2I = [(x',y'), E(symmu(i))]
System Design
Storing I2D on data server
User store I2D = [i,E(data)]
Data server only see the index and
corresponding encrypted data
Buddy tracking
System Design
Data Retrieval
Maintains Location privacy and efficiency
User takes location coordinates and transforms it according to all his/her friends secretes.
User send query containing all transformed coordinates into index server via proxy
Index server fetches all data all the L2I's at corresponding location and decrypts them.
Then queries the data server for I2D's
System Design
Privacy while querying data from index server
Adding nose to the query
After receiving the I2L's user filter out the noise
Securely identifying the L2I's of friends
Adding an L2I to each user before sending them to index server
Then user submit list of ID's he/she cares about.
This reduces privacy
System Design
Improving efficiency and privacy
User tags
User ID tags
Keyed Hash tags
Random tags
Building Application
Applications can be developed using LocX API
Location based reminder
Location based recommendations
Friends Locator
LocX provides privacy for users without injecting uncertainty or errors into the system
LocX provides efficiency and reliability

Thank You
Preserving Location privacy in Geosocial Application
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