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The History of the Atom

Created for 9th grade physical science students to explore the development of the atom.

Barbara Shuba

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of The History of the Atom

Double click anywhere & add an idea Early greeks Rutherford Thompson Bohr Chadwick Dalton Current model The History of the Atom everything is composed of atoms
they are indestructble
they are in motion
infinite number that differ in size and shape
"atom" means indivisible elements are composed of atoms
atoms of the same element have identical weights
atoms of different elements have different weights
atoms combine in whole number ratios

earth, air , fire, water discovered the electron
cathode rays are streams of electron particles
"plum pudding or chocolate chip cookie model experiment with alpha rays led to the discovery of the proton
located in the nucleus proposed that electrons moved in restricted successive orbitals
as the electrons move from orbital to orbital they emit energy in the form of light discovered the electron particle with no charge and mass of 1 particle with a + charge and a mass of 1 particle with a - charge and very little mass
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