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Toefl- Planning an essay

No description

Go English Live

on 10 September 2016

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Transcript of Toefl- Planning an essay

Planning an essay
Some people believe that professional sportsmen and women are paid too much money nowadays in relation to their usefulness to society. Do you agree or disagree.
Always give
at least 250 words
own knowledge
mind map
Paragraph plan
importance of sports
salaries of other useful jobs
salaries for top players
agree or disagree
Some people believe that professional sportsmen and women are paid too much money nowadays in relation to their usefulness to society. Do you agree or disagree.
par 1 Introduction
-outline the topic
-give my basic opinion
par 2 Salaries/ prospects of top sports players
-include examples : David Beckham
par 3- salaries of other useful jobs
-police officers
par -Role of sports in society
par 5 -Conclusion
-restate my opinion
-finish with a strong sentence
Opening with a rhetorical question?
How useful are sports players to our society?
Do sports players earn too much money?
How useful are sports players to our society? Do they earn too much money? This essay will discuss these questions. In my own opinion, some sports stars do earn too much compared to other useful jobs in society. At the same time, because sport is prime entertainment , players can make demands on their employers , like movie stars.
topic outline
Have you
answered all the aspects of the task?
included an introduction and a conclusion?
made your paragraphing clear and logical?
checked all you material is relevent?
used any rhetorical questions?
Checked your spelling and grammer?
written at least 250 words?
Why is so much sport broadcast today?
How many tickets are sold at matches nowadays?
However, this doesn't justify such large salaries , in my opinion . instead , we should reward the people who really matter in our society.
Restate- opinion
finish with strong sentence
The end
plan 5 minutes
identify the essay type
defence-comparison - or explanatory
write down some ideas- not complete sentance - just phrases or ideas
try to come up with at least 3 reasons - examples
choose at least 2 to include in your writing

write 20 minutes
introduccion-body -conclusion
need to appropriate balance throughout
dont spend to much time on any part
content and organization most important

read and revise
read over essay again, make any corrections
you notice,
dont try to fix everything focus on one area

Agree or disagree
defense or argumentative
thesis - the direct answer to the the question in the topic- it is a statement that tells thereader what you are going to discuss in the rest of the essay.

it almost always goes at the end of the intro.
it needs to be general, dont give away too much info
provides direction
use at least 2 in your writing
Defense or argumentative essay
5 minutes
Tackle the question
Style is very important
The Passive voice is really important
object+verb+ subject
the subject is not important
object+ to be+ past participle
and sometimes we add the subject
by mauricio
Useful language

likes -dislikes-preferance
I like
I don't like
When you use the comparative
Proteccion is better than Porvenir.
big difference
small difference
Proteccion is the best
not exactly
polite/ modest

It's always bad
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