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The Okanagan River - By: Mona, Olivia, and Sabrina

No description

Megan Bawagan

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of The Okanagan River - By: Mona, Olivia, and Sabrina

The Okanagan River - Makes British Columbia the most beautiful place on earth How is the Okanagan River currently being used? as habitats for many breeds of fish the perfect environment for river rafting as a water source for wildlife and humans for fly fishing, depending on the time of year as entertainment; a channel in Penticton that tourists enjoy floating down in tubes What ideas are planned for the river and the areas surrounding it? The Okanagan River Restoration Initiative Re-creating river characteristics such as “riffles” and “runs” to increase spawning habitat and improve egg-to-fry survival. Restoring a portion of the river located a little north of Oliver that will benefit salmon, trout, wildlife, amphibian and bird species. Restoring the floodplain and replanting riparian vegetation, water quality, fish habitat and wildlife habitat will benefit The effects of the restoration project are: Increase in fish population in the river which leads to a boost in the amount of fish being caught/sold by fishermen. These fishermen make more money from the high amount of fish available to be sold. Therefore there is an increase in the availability of making a living as a fisherman. The increases of fish also are a source of food for wildlife. Thus the amount of endangered animals in that area is reduced. This could be because they have enough food to sustain themselves in that area. Hence, it is not necessary for them to go searching for food in the city. That may result in their death (ex. Run over by a vehicle) Solutions for... Urban Development, leading to habitat loss Solutions for... Ms.Prasad <3 (A) Pollution is increased in areas of urban development due to the growing population that use cars as their main source for transportation. This pollution can evidently cause habitat loss by making its way into local rivers like the Okanagan. Through advising people to use other means of transportation such as biking, bussing, walking, and carpooling, pollution in the air will be reduced.  (B) Also, the river gets polluted by litter being carelessly left to contaminate the water which can diminish the creatures that live in this environment. Create fines for littering in that particular area and having more people patrolling to catch those who litter. Therefore when others hear that more and more people are being fined, they won’t risk getting charged. This solution will be on going. In order to fulfil this suggestion, there would need to be patrolmen hired to do the job. The hourly wages for a patrolman range from a low of $8 to a high of $34. We expect that this solution will affect the river in ways such as purifying the water and keeping the fish at a suitable population. Removal of large amounts of water, decreasing flow level and increasing water temperature  C) Build a temperature control structure that will cool the river. Adding cold water periodically to the river that will fix the problem of low amounts of water, increase the flow level, and decrease the water temperature. Evaluate: 1. (A) This is a realistic proposal because it doesn’t cost that much to just advise people to help the economy by using other ways of transportations. It only takes a couple people to give a persuasive insight to the advantages of doing this and how much it would help. All people need to make this solution happen is just to make an effort to cause less pollution. 1.(B) It seems reasonable to have a couple people making sure that nobody litters in a river because it affects the environment in a large and positive way. The work of a couple patrolmen could make the world change in a big way. It could be a little pricy, but not too unreasonable. It would be worth the improvement of our environment. 1.(C) This solution is a little bit unrealistic because it is difficult to find a way to constantly add cool water into the river in amounts that will significantly affect the overall issue. 1. Are your proposals realistic? Are your ideas wishful thinking, or could they really be carried out for a reasonable cost? 2. Who would you contact if you wanted to share your ideas publically for protecting the river you selected? Peter Kent - Minister of the Environment in the House of Commons Pacific Regeneration Technologies Inc - Pit Meadows, BC • Okanagan River Restoration Initiative (ORRI) UBC or Okanagan College By: Mona Bawagan, Olivia Sosnowski, and Sabrina Price
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