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Moral code in China

No description

传棋 熊

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Moral code in China

Moral Code in China
What can we do
#1 basic endowment insurance

#2 more traffic policemen in the street

#3 the publicity of morality to the public
What can old people do
#1 make more contact with their families

#2 make friends with some small shop owners
The Injured
These old people are pretending to be injured by the car to ask for money.
Give me money for living
A lot of reports about these unmoral "accidents"
Shall I lift him up?
If you meet this kind of things, you MUST turn to the police.

Perhaps the old people may say that it's more serious for you to change the things to public and just simply ask for money. All you should do is asking for the police, they could judge whether this is a true accidence caused by you or a trick.
The outcome
After the media showed a large number of things like this, there has been a panic atmosphere among the whole society of China.
The Patients of Flu
People are getting angry by the old people who do this!
More and more things are happening
Be moral
Avoid being extorted
The world is not perfect. It still needs to be improved by EVERYONE
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