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The History of Burlesque

Presentation by MsBehaviour for the Nerdnite Alternative, Wellington

Ms Behaviour

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The History of Burlesque

The Burlesque comedies of Aristophanes The History of Burlesque by MsBehaviour Chaucer - Tale of Sir Topas 400 BC Definition of BURLESQUE

1 : a literary or dramatic work that seeks to ridicule by means of grotesque exaggeration or comic imitation

2 : mockery usually by caricature

3 : theatrical entertainment of a broadly humorous often earthy character consisting of short turns, comic skits, and sometimes striptease acts

Burlesque, adjective, comic, droll, from French, from Italian burlesco, from burla joke, from Spanish

First known use was the title of Francesco Berni's Opere Burlesche 1667 1300s - 1700s Shakespeare - *Midsummers Night's Dream "I will live at home... wearing my best make-up and most seductive dresses to inflame my husband's ardour. But I will never willingly yield to his desires. I will not raise my legs towards the ceiling. I will not take up the lion-on-a-cheese-grater position..." bawdy women played by men in tights * women still played by men in tights High burlesque Low burlesque 1800s Greco-Roman plays and Shakespeare Sophisticated and required literacy Victorian burlesque also known as travesty or extravaganza 20th Century Burlesque 1901 50s/60s 20s/30s 40s 70s/80s 2000s 2020 + Neo Burlesque New York London Paris Dr Johnson's dictionary a literary, elevated manner was applied to a commonplace or comically inappropriate subject matter - Alexander Pope's the Rape of the Lock irreverent, mocking style to a serious subject - Samuel Butler's poem Hudibras heroine persuades women of Greece to go on a sex strike for peace Witty songs written to popular music Lydia Thompson's British Blondes 1868 - 1869 Took over New York - in flesh coloured tights shows ran for six years with comedy, parody, satire, improvisation, song and dance, variety acts, cross-dressing, extravagant stage effects,
risque jokes and saucy costumes Bawdy women in tights playing men "a massive flower of national decadence, the biggest temple ever built to material joys and the lust of the eyes ..." Henry James Folies Bergere - established 1869 ballet, acrobatics, pantomime, operetta, animal acts Moulin Rouge - built in 1889 both still in business today! birthplace of the can can Laverie Vallee aka "Charmion"
filmed by Thomas Edison 1901 Trapeze Disrobing Act Billy Minksky's, National Winter Garden London New York Paris Prohibition-era theatre led to 1930s Windmill Girls Tableaux Vivants Fan Dance 1934 Hollywood Code 1933 - Mae West 'I'm no Angel' 1934 - 'Bolero' - Sally Rand Fan Dance Josephine Baker - Dance Sauvage 1968 Film The night they raided Minksy's Cheetah - Chiquita First African American woman in major film - Zouzou First American-born woman to receive the Croix de guerre for her services in the war "Bronze Venus", the "Black Pearl", and the "Creole Goddess" Civil rights activist - offere MLKs role http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephine_Baker Singer - celebrated 50 years in showbiz in 1975 Died 4 days later surrounded by glowing reviews Sensational Sandra Storm New York Clubs shut by Mayor Fiorrello La Guardia Gypsy Rose Lee London Paris Stage, Films, TV Household name Phyliss Dixie Wardrobe malfunction? In 1937 the Supreme Court ruled that burlesque should be banned, as it was ‘the cause of many of our sex crimes’. War years Pinup Girls 'Family focussed 50s ' 1990 Miss Dixie Evans – the ‘Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque’ – held the first annual Miss Exotic World Pageant. Lili St. Cyr arrested in Las Vegas & Los Angeles 1951 Crazy Horse - fully nude dancers Paris US The Age of the Big-time Prop fought and acquitted "There was Rosita Royce with her fly-away bikini of trained pigeons; Evangeline the Oyster Girl emerging, slow and swampy, from a giant shell; or my favourite, Lili St Cyr, splashing about in her trademark transparent bathtub" Dita Von Teese Nudity laws changed UK Soho strip clubs 1968 Theatres Act Betty Paige Lap Dancing Pole Dancing 1993 - Pussy Cat Dolls Sexploitation Dominated by Dita Von Teese Queerlesque - Auckland Zomburlesque - Wellington Gore-lesque - Melbourne Projections Smart costumes Your ideas?? Middle Earth Burlesque Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2012 "My performance art is satirical, socio-political, feminist driven character Epics—where yes, much to the audience’s joy, I end up naked… " Imogen Kelly, Sydney Cyberlesque Interactive The Art of the Tease Miss Phloss - Auckland LGBTI performers Robots 3D Prints No more 'conceal then reveal' LED pasties Make LED Heart Pasties http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Heart-Pasties US UK Immodesty Blaize AUS NZ Banana Dance http://prezi.com/user/msbehaviour http://prezi.com/user/msbehaviour
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