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B2B Marketing Forum

Key insights gleaned from my attendance at the 2012 B2B Marketing Forum

Alyssa Trenkamp

on 22 February 2018

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Transcript of B2B Marketing Forum

Insights From B2B Mktg Forum
What I'll Cover

- Who to follow in B2B marketing
- How brand and demand can work together
- The content continuum
- How to do content mktg like a media company
- Marketoons and other short-form marketing ideas

- Other sources of inspiration
- Good reads to consider
Brand & Demand
Working Together

Today’s buyers don’t differentiate between brand and demand and neither should we.
Brand + Demand = Impact
Infor Big ERP Campaign
Landing Page
Landing Page
Iron Mountain
Think Inside the Box
The runaway file
Docu Dramas
The Content Continuum
When you start a new brand or demand campaign think about how one effort can leverage the other.

Think through the journey and where you want to take the buyer next, nurturing to new content based on what they’ve already consumed.
Key Insights
ITDM's engage with nine content assets during the buying process
39% appreciate related follow-up and want it within 4-5 wks
Extend the story
with related content
Sales & Marketing
Most buyers ready to engage with sales after consuming 2-4 pieces of content.

Contact 6 days after consuming the right level of content.

Find the key indicators of “sales readiness” and build out a scoring model that works.
Identify point of “sales readiness”
54 percent of sales reps are unprepared for their initial customer meetings, IDC

Educate sales on where the prospect is at:
What is known
Areas of interest based on content consumed
Suggestions for content and tools to help evolve the story.
Make Most of First Sales Touch
Consider all stages of the sale
Stay Engaged with Sales
Top Content Needs
All content needs to address "what if" scenario or objection
New personas that may engage
What makes a business different is its expertise, that a customer can't get by going down the street
Key Insights
Campaigns stop & start, most customer pains are relevant for a long time
Marketers should be engaged throughout entire process in more complex sales
Capture interest and keep it by building the story
Make the shift:
campaign to pain
Listen, track, analyze prospect interaction
interview sales team quarterly
Shift from talking to listening
From packaged campaigns to tuning on the fly
Based on customer interest, tune content
Mine existing content - short form.
From one-off blasts to serial storytelling
Build out a logical story series
Figure out questions that need to be answered at each stage of the buying cycle and what content is needed to address.
Content marketing
like a media company

Find your why!
Be the leading trade mag for your niche
Understand your buyer
Find your unique story
Identify your higher purpose
When is the best time to call?
Should I leave a voice mail?
Should we purchase lists?
List your customers Questions
What is the best way to generate leads?
How can I increase my contact rate?
Content Effectiveness
Good content strategy should align with business goals
More content with fewer resources
Each Unique piece of content
= 15 content opportunities
11 ides for creating compelling content
Favorite blogs form other sites
Group brainstorm
Write down common customer questions
Interview someone interesting
Review something, product / book, etc.
Make predictions
Compile old content - group all case studies from the year to create a "sales playbook"
Look for guest bloggers, partners, customers
Summarize most popular posts for the week / month / quarter / year for new readers
Use name recognition - identifying trending hot topics and link to boost rankings
Recycle old posts - dust off and reuse
Identify content pockets within the organization, and bring together with one unified editorial mission
Identify employee contributors, publicly share results of content - page views / shares
Be the leading information provider in your niche - while maintaining alignment with business goals
Marketing Message
from a Cartoonist

Don Draper is no longer in charge
Two-way fragmented media world
Today's Marketing Model
People don't buy what you do,
They buy why you do it!
Stop talking about you
Make the customer awesome!
Model Citizen!
Ann Handley   @MarketingProfs
Marketing Technology  @mktgtechblog
Sanjay Dholakia  @sdholakia
Scott Williamson  @ScottWMarketing
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