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U.S. Presence in the Persian Gulf Region

Module 1 (Popular Geopolitics)

Robert Saunders

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of U.S. Presence in the Persian Gulf Region

The U.S. Role in the Persian Gulf Region Origins Franklin D. Roosevelt's meeting with the Saudi King on February 14, 1945
Harry S Truman's "containment" strategy
Evolution of the "Green Belt" (Turkey-Iran-Pakistan) strategy to shield the Gulf from Soviet influence
Linkage of Isreal to wider MENA policies
Gulf War and America's "unipolar moment" Types of Forces Land power
Sea power
Air power
Intelligence Geopolitical Concerns Oil and natural gas
Regime change in Iran
Averting a nuclear Iran
Containing Iranian influence
Balancing Iran's military strength
Fighting terrorism
Free movement of shipping
Preventing failed states
Limiting anti-Israelism
Economic development U.S. Tools in the Region Military presence
Arms sales
Economic aid
Technological assistance
Diplomatic pressure Headlines Bahrain crackdown complicates Persian Gulf picture for U.S. (4/16/2011)
Clinton in Qatar Seeks Persian Gulf Cooperation (1/12/2011)
U.S. admiral tours Persian Gulf as protests spread (2/23/2011)
Iranian navy plane flies near USS Eisenhower in Gulf of Oman (4/28/2010)
U.S. steps up arms sales to Persian Gulf allies (1/31/2010)
U.S. Persian Gulf forces cautioned on Iran (6/13/2009)
Bush pushes Persian Gulf nuclear agreement (12/23/2008)
U.S. tells Iran to back down after Gulf skirmish (1/8/2008)
U.S. Nuclear Sub forced to leave Persian Gulf (4/15/2007)
U.S. launches show of force in Persian Gulf (3/28/2007)
US pulls out of Saudi Arabia (4/29/2003)
U.S. launches cruise missiles at Saddam (3/20/2003)
Funds for Terrorists Traced To Persian Gulf Businessmen (8/14/1996)
U.S. Allies Open Air War on Iraq (1/17/1991) Nearly 1/2 of the world's oil exports pass through here Disputed nomenclature--Persian or Arab? The U.S. has fought two wars here in 20 years Osama bin Laden's reason for the 9/11 attacks was to force the U.S. out of this country (home to Mecca and Medina) Once one of the U.S.'s closest allies in the region, the Islamic Revolution and subsequent hostage -taking made it "enemy no. 1" Russian-assited nuclear energy site Home to the U.S. Fifth Fleet and site of major protests in 2011 Home to Al Jazeera and forward HQ of CENTCOM Economic hub of the region Liberated by Bush I, now hosts U.S. Patriot missiles
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